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New Japanese morning serial drama 


Random thoughts

The drama becomes popular because you can see a lot of pretty kimonos every morning.
Dressing is difficult but when you wear a kimono, it makes you think that you are glad
you were born in Japan. (H.S)

“TOUKENRANBU” (Sword’s wild dance)


Random thoughts

“Touken Ranbu” is a current popular online game.
This game triggered a sword girls boom in Japan.
It also made many museums start to hold Samurai Swords Exhibitions.
And its lots are now on sale at a convenience store chain.
You can get its game goods like the ones in the photo depending on the lot prize :) (H.S)

Public telephone


Random thoughts

The number of public telephone has been reduced by increase of the cellular phone.
I sometimes check the location of the public telephone for emergency. (Y.Y)



Random thoughts

“CUP NOODLE” is one of popular long-selling food in Japan.
But I have always felt doubt about the trade name in English.
Because it should be described as NOODLES in the same way as ones sold abroad.
In fact, the plural form doesn’t exist in the Japanese language.
So I’m afraid Japanese people would learn English mistakenly.
I hope they will correct the name for domestic as well.

Downton Abbey


Random thoughts

I am now into a British TV drama “Downton Abbey”. The story is set in a castle of an aristocratic family at the beginning of the 20th century. An existing historical castle has been used for the shooting. What’s more, it has used not only the outer appearance but also the interior. So that gorgeous dining room wasn’t an indoor set. I understand that the drama is also popular in the United States because it has beautiful landscapes, perfect performances, gorgeous costumes, great music, an interesting historical background and a surprising storyline.