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Fukui's local product exhibition at KITTE, commemorating the 400th anniversary of receiving the Edo kami-yashiki (upper residence) of the Fukui Domain


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An event named "Fukui's local product exhibition at KITTE, commemorating the 400th anniversary of receiving the Edo kami-yashiki (upper residence) of the Fukui Domain" was held last week.


KITTE is a six-story commercial facility just outside Tokyo Station's Marunouchi South Exit. With a retro appearance that partially preserves the former Tokyo Central Post Office, the contrast with the brand-new skyscraper JP Tower that rises above it stands out. The event was held in a tourism and business information center called "Tokyo City i" on the KITTE's basement floor.


I attended a technical seminar in Tokyo on January 30th, so I went to the event on that occasion. At first, I had a question why such an event was held around the Tokyo Station. But I knew why it was held here. Because the Fukui Domain's Edo kami-yashiki was located at the current Otemachi Place, where is very near the venue.


By the way, the foundation of the townscape of Ginza was made by the then-governor of Tokyo, Kimimasa Yuri, a feudal retainer of the Fukui Domain. The graves of Sanai Hashiomoto, who was executed in Ansei Purge, and Unpin Umeda, who died in prison during the Ansei Purge, are located in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. And in Taito Ward, there used to be "Fukui-cho (town)", which was formed at the site of the Fukui Domain's residence.


I realized that there are many things related to Fukui in the center of Tokyo.

Joy of manufacturing at the exhibition "Japan Drone 2019"


Random thoughts


I visited the exhibition "Japan Drone 2019", which was held at Makuhari Messe near Tokyo a few weeks ago. There was an idea sketch (photo above) that was made of cardboard, and it impressed me the most of all the things I saw at the exhibition.


I saw this amusing model at a booth of a company that develops their own original drones and robots. The model reminded me of the times when I made a model with carboard like this in my junior high school. In an art craft class, I had to make a wooden moving toy and I thought a lot about how to make it.


Drone business is already in a phase of industry, and various systems have been developed for transportation, construction, agriculture, disaster prevention, and so on. These are surely developed for practical use, but I think that the developers also enjoy working on developing them.


A smaller version of a mock-up made based on the idea sketch (in the first photo). This is not a drone (UAV) but it's a kind of flying bike that people can ride on.


There were a lot of aircrafts full of handmade looking.


The main venue of "Japan Drone 2019"


Ninja Shovel


Random thoughts


Last Friday, I was surprised to see that there was a heavy machinery moving on a landslide-like steep slope. The photograph was taken from a distance, so it's hard to see that there's a heavy machinery, though.


The heavy machinery was a power shovel. It was probably hung with a wire from the top of the slope. The slope might be as steep as 45 degrees, so even just sitting in the driver's seat must be scared.


I don't know if it's a kind of their usual work, but I was impressed by the skills and courage of those construction workers.

Having ramen noodles on the mountain


Random thoughts


In the story of this week's morning drama, "Manpuku", which is based on the true story of Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. and the inventor of instant ramen noodles, the main character of the drama has successfully invented the instant ramen noodles. It looks like it is reaching a climax of the story.


When I go hiking, I often see people making the instant ramen noodles in the mountains.
A friend in the photograph above also dreamed of making one at the summit. She had even prepared a boiled egg and some vegetables as toppings for her ramen noodles.


I don't cook on mountains. I was just flying a drone around there while nibbling biscuits.

Fragile life of digital data


Random thoughts


I found that the short animation that I made a long time ago was unable to play, so I converted the data format into a new one to see it again.


Pictures drawn on rocks can be seen after tens of thousands of years, paper or clothes may last for a thousand years, and phonograph records and pre-recorded tapes are good for several decades. The newer a media is, the shorter the life of it becomes.


Digital data can be seen only a few years. In terms of leaving a legacy for the future, the vast amount of the data that being accumulated every day might not be useful.