Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui






Production notes

We visited the Echizen Pottery Village in Fukui prefecture for shooting the lecture.
I was watching the video while waiting in Fukui Pottery Museum located in the village.
I thought the image quality was not so good. There was a comment near the monitor.
This is the video in around 1973.
I felt the nostalgia in the analog video. Also, I thought the struggle of the potter at the time.

Daian-zenji Temple, Fukui


Production notes

Annually the new graduates joined our company receive training at the Daian-zenji Temple. This time, we also went there to take a video of the training for our site.

This temple is designated as a national important cultural asset and
also the 10th fudasho(temples where amulets are collected) of the Hokuriku region’s thirty-three holy places of Kannon. 
The iris festival there in June is well known too.

Piece of sound


Production notes

The other day, we visited the percussion instrument professional manufacturer "KOROGISHA co. ltd." famous for marimbas and xylophones.
They make consistently the optimized sound plates from raw wood.
The president explained each process to us personally, and we toured the inside of the factory.
This is a sliced chip of wood at the time of processing sound plate for marimba.
I tried to hit it with a finger. It was a very good sound.

A little problem in our camera system


Production notes

CX900 + DR-70D

I'm using Sony CX900 video camera with DR-70D sound recorder which is attached on top of the camera. I love that system because it's compact and so easy to carry. However, there is a little problem with the connection between the camera and the recorder. The adapter doesn't work well and the recorder is not securely fixed. Should I need any support system, like rigs or cages?