Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Shooting in our office today


Production notes

Shooting at our office

Recording with iPad and UR44

Though we usually go out to shoot videos, we did it in our office today. 

The second photo above is our recording equipment, iPad (Cubasis installed as a DAW) and UR44 (audio interface). 

Another iPad in the second photo is for monitoring video while we record narrations.




Production notes

The other day, I accompanied to the shooting of "Senkonoie".
It's the oldest thatched-roofed house in Fukui Prefecture built in the early Edo period.
There was "irori" in this house. Irori is a hearth made in the floor.
I saw it quite a long time. The fire was burned in irori.
It seems that because irori fire is also a role of the dehumidification and the preservation from decay. (Y.Y)

Now shooting!


Production notes

Our company’s main business is management of coin parking lots.
So far we have not provided any information for foreign users.
Then we thought that we should make a video ourselves.
Two English teachers joined us as volunteers and we had location shooting.
And we finished it as scheduled thanks to their cheerful atmosphere.
We will upload the video on this site after editing. So don’t miss it!