Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Before and After -Photoshop-


Production notes


There is an important software, “Photoshop”

which is necessary for working with video and/or movie making and design.

It is a high-function software which is basically a program for editing

and correcting photographs.


Because there were lots of faded photographs in my closet,

I scanned and corrected two photographs with Photoshop for trial.


First step is setting “Highlights” and “Shadow” from “Eyedropper Tool”

which is on the “Tone Curve” panel. Just with this step, it makes clear changes.

And then, by using more of the tone curve, you can adjust the details and the whole image.


The feelings I had when I took his photographs came back.


Convenient video shooting tools #2 - Hood for liquid crystal monitor -


Production notes

フードマン カムコーダーフード H400

When the weather is sunny, it’s almost impossible to see liquid crystal monitor. So I put a hood with velcro tape that can hold the monitor. I used Hoodman camcorder hood 3.5-4inch H400 to shoot for climbing Mt. Tateyama on Sep. 21st and 22nd. Putting the hood on CX900 makes some space between them but tightening the velcro tape makes it fit just right. This hood became useful for this shooting because it was impossible to walk and look into the finder at that same time on mountains.


Convenient video shooting tools #1 - Pickel Leash and Quickdraw -


Production notes



I used a small-sized video camera SONY CX900 at Mt. Tateyama.
Here are the tools I used with the camera at that time.
These are mont-bell’s “Two-way Pickel Leash”(the blue one) and
Black Diamond’s “Nitron Quickdraw”(the one with purple carabiners attached).
I learned about them from a book written by a Japanese photographer.
And I actually tried it and found that it worked very well for the video shooting
in the mountains. T.S

Pine cones


Production notes

The other day, I found also dinosaurs when I accompanied to the shooting of Fukui Prefectural Satoyama-Satoumi Research Institute.
These are made of pine cones. (Y.Y)