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Finally I could get a ring for practicing drone manipulating


Production notes


Even though it looks as simple as it should be found at 100 yen shop, I was looking for it for a long time. But finally I got it at ep-models.com. It is a ring sold as a gate for drone racing, made of thin cloth and wire with an inner diameter of 35 cm and an outer diameter of 48 cm.

Hanging these on a microphone stand, I use them for practicing to manipulate drone with a small toy multicopter. But actually it's hard to fly the aircraft through the rings without touching them. If you do not control it accurately, then it crashes quite easily.

Drone school


Production notes

I give lessons at the spacious ski slope of Karigahara ski area in Katsuyama City.


Practicing 'Compulsory flying' with the mark on the ground.


Since I've been using drone for taking videos, I became an instructor of drone as well.


Although it is often misunderstood, there is no so-called ’public license’ to manipulate drone, and in principle anyone can fly one.
However, for safety reasons, there are restrictions on places where you can freely fly it. Whether it is a hobby or a job, if you want to fly at a certain place, you need to receive 'permission / approval' of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
And I give lessons to get this permission / approval.


The lessons are held on applicant's preferred dates on a one-to-one basis.
People with various professions came for various purposes such as aerial photographing, surveillance, inspection and so on.
It is one of my pleasures to hear the stories of those people.

Mini drone for training "mode 1"


Production notes

Since it was necessary for me to operate drones by mode 1, I purchased Holy Stone's HS-170G for practice. This has a switch of the operating mode between 1 and 2, whereas the most of mini drones so far were fixed in mode 2.
I attached labels explaining the operation method of mode 1 to that manipulator.


hovering under the air conditioner
Because mini drones are light, they are flowed to a light wind such as of the air conditioner. Using that, I tried to keep the aircraft that is irregularly drifted at a fixed position by moving it quickly in the opposite direction as much as possible.
I think this will be a good exercise.

Happy New Year !


Production notes

Happy new year!

Thank you for watching our videos and reading the blog.


We will continue spreading the charms of Fukui and Japan through our videos and blog.
I hope you enjoy them!



My First Experience with Drone


Production notes

DJI Mavic Pro

While I was on the business trip in Tokyo last week, I visited a store in Hanzomon called “System 5” selling items used to take videos.

I read an article from an e-magazine about the exhibition of foldable and storable drone,

and I became interested in it.


In the center of the photograph from above, that is the flying drone with blue lights.


I got to control the drone at the exhibition and I realized that it was not that difficult

to control it although this was my first time seeing and controlling the real thing.

I became excited about thinking what I could use the drone for.


Well, I am not planning to purchase one right away though.