Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui





This photo shows an online company information session of our company, Japan Systembank Corp. held at GEN's office the other day.


Naturally, our session for recruiting new college graduates is held online this year.


Not only this, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but almost all explanatory meetings, seminars, and events are held online and I have completely gotten used to rough images with time lags.


I think that there are merits that we didn't have in a conventional meeting format, such as no restrictions on place, you can record it, and you can see reactions from participants in real time through chat.


It is not sure what will happen to company information sessions in the future, but I hope that online seminars will be actively used in the post-coronavirus era or the with-coronavirus era.


She said that she would be nervous when I pointed the camera at her, but she looked quite calm.


Once she finishes the session, she has a meeting with her manager to review it.

Tips for Disaster Preparedness / Slippers made of newspaper

This morning, as I was about to listen to the radio which I always listen to every morning, same announcements in Korean, Chinese and English were repeated over and over again. I didn’t know what was happening at that point. There was an earthquake occurred in Fukushima Prefecture (northeastern Japan) and the announcements were made for evacuation from the Tsunami that was occurred by the earthquake in Fukushima.

That reminded me about the slippers which is made of newspaper. I brought some old newspaper and tried making ones. I still remember how to make them.


Simply put, this is the order for making the slippers. When earthquakes occur, it is extremely dangerous to walk barefoot on floors with broken glasses. Even when there are no shoes around us, if there are newspapers, we can make these slippers and escape safely. The front parts of the slippers where the most pressure would be put onto has layers of 16 sheets of the newspaper. It’s just the newspaper, but it’s very strong so it makes such a big difference if you have newspaper or not when a disaster occurs.


I learned how to make these slippers during the escaping game called “Experiencing Disaster Preparedness, LIFE LINE” in which the participants played in a team unit at “Mori to Mizuumi no Rakuen” (Paradice of Forest and Lake) whose representative is a Japanese comedian Kuniaki Shimizu near Kawaguchi lake in Yamanashi Prefecture. (T.S)


Mori to Mizuumi no Rakuen (Paradice of Forest and Lake)


TOEI Kyoto Studio Park|Experience Samurai Movies in Kyoto

I went to the TOEI Kyoto Studio Park in my company trip at the end of last month. We can choose one among four courses “Lake Biwa and Kyoto|Odaiba|Lake Kawaguchi and Isawa hot springs|Kyoto Studio Park” and I chose the Kyoto Studio Park as I haven’t been there for a long time. This year, each company trip has “Team-building” concept and we tried “Finding buried gold program” by groups.
(*This program is only for group tour and you need a reservation.)


And, the program was pretty difficult. If you join the program from now, I strongly suggest that you research beforehand and be flexible in your thinking :) (H.S)


We arrived at the Kyoto Studio Park. In the parking area, there were so many tour buses.


The park was full of elementary students on school excursions.
There were a lot of foreign tourists as well.


It feels as if time has slipped to back to the Edo Period.


This is a scenery of period dramas!


You can meet Ninja there.


It is in the final stage of finding gold. They are working on the last puzzle.


We arrived a restaurant for lunch. It is ”Rokusei"where is next to Heian Shrine
and can be used for wedding receptions.


Their specialty is wooden pail lunch box. The wooden pail box is made by Kiyotsugu
Nakgawa, who is a human national treasure. The box is a fine craftwork which is
lacquered on the inside. Kyoto cuisine served in it compactly and beautifully is wonderful.
They served sashimi and matsutake mushroom steamed dish in an earthware teapot
besides this.
Nakagawa's son's studio : Nakagawa Mokkougei Hirakoubou