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Resistant Starch Diet


Beauty and health

I received information about how to ameliorate adult disease at a dentist where I go to
on a regular basis. It carried some articles but didn’t one about teeth at all.


Today, among them, I would like to introduce “Resistant starch” which is the term
I have not heard of before.


“Resistant starch” cannot be digested easily.
For example, cold rice is resistant starch. Resistant starch acts like alimentary fiber,
is not digested in the stomach and the intestine, goes straight to the large intestine,
reduce blood cholesterol and blood sugar elevation, improve fat metabolism and intestinal environment. It produces power which lacks in hot rice.


Considering nutritional value, rice balls of brown rice are the best, and sushi or
cold soba noodles are also good. That means, a specialty of Fukui Prefecture “Echizen Oroshi Soba” (cold buckwheat noodles with grated radish) must be beneficial to health.
As for other carbohydrate food, it seems better if you eat more cold ones,
such as cold udon(wheat noodles), cold thin wheat noodles, cold ramen and spaghetti.


Speaking of cold rice, you have to chow more as it is firmer than hot rice,
so I think that you may be able to gain a feeling of fullness more easily.
Cold rice diet is worth trying, isn’t it? (H.S)


Easy self-scalp care with camellia oil


Beauty and health

Having scalp care or head massage treatment at beauty salons are so comfortable,
aren’t they? It really is a blissful time.
But if you are too busy to go or think it costs money,
you can do by yourself with camellia oil.


[How to]
Pour one or two teaspoons of the camellia oil into your hand
Apply it evenly and gently to your dry scalp with balls of your fingers
before shampoo
Conscious of the scalp and not hair

Steep for five minutes
(I cover hair with a shower cap and soak in the bathtub in that time)

Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water

Shampoo your scalp well
(If you don’t feel refreshed yet, you can shampoo once more)

Dry your hair with a drier
(You should dry from roots to tips like like you blow down)
(If you upward from below, your hair gets dry and spread)


Scalp gets dirty easily and you cannot wash away with only shampoo.
Camellia oil is genltle, which contains the same constituent as skin oil,
mild and above dirts naturally. Camellia oil contains much olein acid than
olive oil, so benefits can be expected on your scalp and hair.
For the care, once a week is enough.
A bottle of the camellia oil is about 1,000 yen level and you can use it several times.


It is said that scalp and your face skin is single skin.
If you care your scalp well, you can lift your face up also. (H.S)


Yoga part 2


Beauty and health

I talked about Yoga in our previous staff blog.

While doing Yoga, steady your breath by breathing easily and deeply.

Stretch your body and make it relax, as like you are a jelly fish.


Stay in a pose to develop the inner muscle

and increase muscle strength.


Yoga is effective for


improving your postures,

keeping yourself in shape,

enhancing your beauty,

reducing shoulder and neck stiffness,

maintaining your physical health,

keeping your mind healthy

and everything between.


I would like to introduce the video, “MARA'S LESSON2” (vanaphofficial)

which shows you how to do an easy and relaxing Yoga that you can do at home.


Do you know the origin of Yoga?

The beginning of Yoga was in the Indus valley civilization in India,

about 4,000 - 5,000 years ago.


Do you know how many poses are there in Yoga?

There are 84 million poses!

This fact is written in *“Gheranda Samhita” (the Yoga primal scripts)

and it says that is because there are 84 million of creatures living in this world.


There are many different styles of Yoga. I would like to introduce the major ones.



Slow movement

Beginner level



Poses at a moderately fast pace


Vinyasa, Flow

The most well known one

Not as fast as Ashtanga

Recommendable for the people who want to strengthen their muscles.



Similar to Vinyasa and Flow

Usually the room temperature of the Yoga space is kept as warm as 35 degrees Celsius.


Yin Yoga

There are almost no standing poses in this type Yoga.

Stays in one pose for more than 5 minutes.



Bolster, block, blankets and everything othre prop in between are used in this type of Yoga.


Kundalini Yoga

It is physical, mental, and spiritual one.

Meditation is an important element of every types of Yoga,

but this style has the strongest of it.


As I mentioned earlier, there are so many more types of Yoga than listed above.

You will find the one which will suit you.


Spring and Summer time is time for us to be active.

Right before the active season, let’s exercise and prepare for it by doing Yoga.






*“Gheranda Samhita (Sanskrit gheraṇḍasaṁhitā घेरंडसंहिता ) meaning “Gheranda's collection” is one of the three classic texts of hatha yoga (the other two being the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Shiva Samhita). It is a late 17th-century text and is considered to be the most encyclopedic of the three classic texts on hatha yoga.

Gheranda Samhita is a manual of yoga taught by Gheranda to Chanda Kapali. Unlike other hatha yoga texts, the Gheranda Samhita speaks of a sevenfold yoga:

1. Shatkarma for purification

2. Asana for strengthening

3. Mudra for steadying

4. Pratyahara for calming

5. Pranayama for lightness

6. Dhyana for perception

7. Samādhi for isolation”

・Gheranda Samhita. Last modified on April 9, 2015, at 2:29. In Wikipedia.

Retrieved March 9, 2016.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gheranda_Samhita

Miranda Kerr's Morning Yoga -easy stretching and exercises-


Beauty and health

It has been warm in Japan recently.


It seems that spring has finally arrived!


Feeling and smelling the air of spring,


we see everything starts to be more alive.


Stretch your body,

relax your mind

and let go of the past.


Be ready for something new to come.

Take a moment.

Have you ever tried doing Yoga?

There are so many different types of Yoga

including the easy ones anyone can do by doing simple stretching and quick exercises.


The super model, Miranda Kerr, does Yoga every morning.

I would like to introduce her video,

「Miranda Kerr’s Ultimate Morning Yoga Regime」 (Net-a-Porter)



As everything starts moving on,

we move on, too.


Preparing for more happiness and fun times to come,

I’d like to recommend you to try Yoga almost as like a warming up for the new.



Will coconut oil save people!?


Beauty and health

Coconut oil has been attracting attention recently. 
I also got and eat it by spreading on toast.
To those who do not know about coconut oil, here are the benefits.

●Increases good cholesterol
●Improves immunity
●Anti-aging effects
●Helps burn body fat
●Prevents diabetes
●Prevents dementia
●Perfect for skin-care and hair-care as well
●Has an effect on atopic dermatitis

Note) You need to get unrefined, natural and organic “Virgin Coconut Oil” ,
otherwise you don’t have enough effect.