Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




A firefly viewing gathering held in Denga, Fukui city

As people go out to watch cherry blossoms in spring,  they go enjoy watching fireflies in early summer nights in Japan.
Last Saturday, a gathering of firefly viewing was held in Denga district, Fukui city.
The members learned about the ecology of fireflies until it got dark. And then they went out to a place beside a river to enjoy a fantastic sight created by a lot of fireflies flashing and flying around.
A longer video with subtitles will be uploaded later. Don't miss it.


We are enjoying good season of beautiful hydrangeas.
I watched the television the other day. It's said that the origin place of the hydrangea is Japan.
I didn't know it.
Much kind is improved and it's said that the one bred in Europe is called the Western hydrangea.
A beautiful hydrangea was also in nearby park.


I sometimes take a walk nearby Central Park.
When I passed through the park this morning, I heard sparrows were chirping as usual.
It occurs to me that I feel like I no longer saw much as before the sparrow.
Looking back now, although it seems like I know about sparrow I don't know anything.

Olive blossoms

I have two olive trees in my yard.
Now it’s their blooming season this year.
It’s been six years since I planted the 50-centimeter young trees.
They have withstood heavy wet snow in Fukui and grew to two meters high.
I’m looking forward to bearing a lot of olives in autumn.

Katakuri, the spring ephemeral in the city

Going to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, I found such pretty things by chance at my feet.

The flowers are called "Katakuri" in Japan, and I heard that they are also called "spring ephemeral" because they bloom during only a few weeks.

I 'm happy to find them in this central part of the Fukui city.