Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Oriental Greenfinch

I heard some birds chirping outside the window of our office, and took a video. They were eating tiny fruits on the roadside tree.

The birds are as small as sparrow. So it was too hard to stabilize my camera because I needed to magnify fully.


Pomegranate tree

There is a pomegranate tree at the back of the building our office is in.
When I see pomegranates, I feel nostalgic.
Maybe it’s because I often used to eat them when I was a child. (H.S)

Field of sunflowers

Recently, I have felt a subtle sign of autumn in the morning and evening.
Then one day in Fukui City, I came across a field of sunflowers.
It was still “Midsummer” there. (H.S)


A petal of a bellflower isn't divided every one. The lower part is attached from half of the petal. I didn't know.
It's said that the wild bellflower decreases. It is specified in the Ministry of the Environment Red Data Book Vulnerable. (Y.Y)