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A cute mouse ( Japanese grass vole ) at Mt.Genanpo in Fukui prefecture



Last Saturday (June 2, 2018), as soon as I found a small animal near my foot by chance, I focused the video camera on it.
I was climbing Mt. Genanpo of Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, with Ms. J who started mountaineering this year. And I thought that small and round one might be a Japanese grass vole. I was so excited to see the cute animal for the first time.

Visiting "Winter Restaurant for wild birds" again

On the morning of February 28, I went to the "Winter Restaurant for wild birds" of Fukui Prefecture Nature Conservation Center again. Normally this event ends today, but this year we have a lot of snow so it will be held until the end of March.


I heard that squirrels came just before I arrived. Unfortunately I could not see squirrels, but I could see Kogera (Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker) and Gojukara (Sitta europaea) that I could not see last time and Akagera made its appearance for a longer time than before.


Kogera (Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker)
Kogera (Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker), the first time I saw it


Gojukara (Sitta europaea)
Gojukara (Sitta europaea), barely able to take photo


Akagera (Great spotted woodpecker) and Tsugumi (thrush)
Akagera (Great spotted woodpecker) VS. Tsugumi (thrush)


Hiyodori (Bulbul)
Hiyodori (Bulbul), that loves fruit


Yamagara (Varied tit)
Yamagara (Varied tit), who kept still unusually


Winter Restaurant for Wildbirds
Winter Restaurant for Wildbirds


Fukui Nature Conservation Center's "Winter Restaurant for wild birds"

Varied tit
Varied tit, the largest number of this day


Yesterday, I went to Fukui Nature Conservation Center's "Winter Restaurant for wild birds".
Wild birds are guests of the resutaurant, and we can watch and shoot photos of various birds coming to the feed station in front of us staying in a warm room.
Sometimes animals such as squirrels and foxes visit here as well.
Although the staff said "There are few birds today", I was able to shoot photos not less than seven kinds of birds and it was very enjoyable to watch the wild birds so close.
I want to go again within this winter.

Great tit
Great tit


Thrush, the bard of Fukui prefecture
Thrush, the bird of Fukui Prefecture




Great spotted woodpecker
Great spotted woodpecker


Varied tit and Chickadee
Varied tit and Chickadee





As we introduced in our blog in May that Asuwa river is listed among “Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots”. The area is filled with visitors during the cherry blossom season every year. In spring, you can enjoy seeing the cherry blossom trees and you can enjoy seeing a lot of beautiful hydrangeas in rainy season which is from the mid May to the beginning of July.

Hydrangea by asuwa river in Fukui City.  The purple of the flowers stood out in the color of the sky and trees.

The other day, I was walking on the side walk of the Asuwa river and I saw many beautiful hydrangeas. Most of the colors of the flowers were purple. The purple of the flowers stood out in the color of the sky and trees which kept my eye for a while.


Hydrangea lets us know that rainy season in Japan has arrived and it also makes the atmosphere in our city. If you have a chance to visit Asuwa river in Fukui City in Japan, how about enjoy taking a walk on the sidewalks of the river?


In Fukui City, there is another spot for hydrangeas which is in
Mt. Asuwa and it's called "Ajisai (hydrangea) Road". I’m sure that you will get to relax and enjoy seeing the hydrangeas there as well.


Guide to Outings Around Fukui: No.1 Mt. Asuwa area Beautiful Natrure Walk:



Revived flower of gardenia

My late mother-in-law had been taking good care of the gardenia.
However, it was in my backyard and I tended to forget to water, so it died last year.


But still, I started watering again with a ray of hope that it might have not died completely, and then tiny new leaves have sprouted.
I saw the vitality of plants and it was as if it appealed “And yet I live. Don’t throw me away.”


Moreover, I kept on caring of them and leaves have grown.
And finally it bloomed again lately.
The scent of the flowers are like mixed vanilla and floral scent.
Although I like the gorgeous scent of roses as well, the gardenia’s one is sweeter
so I am fascinated with it automatically.


From now on, I will put fertilizer and take better care of it.
And maybe I should transfer it to a larger pot.
Also, I want to multiply by division and try cuttage. (H.S)