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Arts and crafts

[Colors:Reprinted from Echizen Japanware cooperative society brochure]

I accompanied to the shooting of Echizen Japanware traditional industry hall.
We think black and vermilion as the color of the Japanware. It's said that the other colors also seems to have been attracting attention. (Y.Y)

Azalea bonsai exhibition


Arts and crafts

We went to the shooting of the 1st Azalea bonsai exhibition in Nagahama city.
We were guided by chairman Yasuda of the Kohoku Satsuki Bonsai Association.
About 40 bonsais including the azalea which was received the Prime Minister Award in fiscal year 2013 were exhibited in the exhibition hall.
I felt it was a wonderful bonsai exhibition.
There was also a pretty bonsai. A picture is one of a new kind.
The exhibition hall is Keiunkan in Nagahama city, Shiga prefecture. Telephone: 0749-62-0740
The entrance fee is 300 yen for an adult. A session is until Sunday, June 14.
Please come here by all means.
We will upload the video about this.

Spring Exhibition of the Japan Academy of Fine Arts, now held in Fukui


Arts and crafts

Today I visited "The 70th Spring Exhibition of the Japan Academy of Fine Arts" having at Seibu department store in Fukui.

Though the Japanese-style paintings haven't been familiar to me until now, my eyes were opened to the variety of themes and techniques.

By the way, The Japan Academy of Fine Arts, that staged this exhibition, was founded by Tenshin Okakura, one of the great masters in the history of Japanese art.

It's said Tenshin used to say "My home town is Fukui",

and maybe this is one reason that a lot of people attended as soon as the exhibition opened at 10 o'clock of a weekday.

You can see this exhibition until May 31, and an exhibiting artist Keishi Takashima will give a talk on this coming Saturday.

I think it's worth more than the price of admission (600yen), moreover, it's free for "university" students and under.