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The 65th Nagahama Bonsai Exhibition of Japanese Plum Trees


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I visited "the 65th Bonsai Exhibition of Japanese Plum Trees" at Keiunkan, Nagahama City in Shiga Prefecture. It's a traditional Bonsai exhibition which is the best one in Japan for its history and scale.


First of all, I was amazed by how they overturned the fixed image of Bonsai. There were large trees lined up which could almost reach the ceiling. There was also a tree that was extremely old. I thought it must be old enough not to bloom, but it did have blossoms. I never get bored of looking at.


I saw small Bonsai pots on a tiered stand. I thought that it would be nice to have and cute to look at the small ones like those at home.


I interviewed a staff from Association of Nagahama sightseeing about the history of "Bonsai Exhibition of Japanese Plum Trees" and the high light of Bonsai of Japanese Plum Trees. Next time, I will release the main part which includes the interview.


During this exhibition, "The 4th Photography Contest of Nagahama Bonsai Exhibition of Japanese Plum " and other various events are also held.


For more information about "Nagahama Bonsai Exhibition of Japanese Plum Trees" and other related events, please visit the websites below.


Bonsai Exhibition of Japanese Plum Trees / The Japan Times

The exhibition's official site (Japanese)



Meaning of colors in Japan


Arts and crafts

There are two delighting and attractive paintings that have been catching my attention in our studio. 

I have always thought that those paintings are stylish and cool.  I have always enjoyed watching them.


Color has meanings.  The meaning of colors varies depending on cultures and circumstances. 

Today, I am going to introduce about the meaning of a few colors in Japan. 


When you use black and white, it shows that your intellectual thinking part of your brain is growing and or working.


White is the color of refreshing the mind and starting something over. 

When white catches your attention, it shows that you may be willing to feel refreshed and or start something over.


Black is the color of pressure and protection. 

When you want to be hidden from the world and you want to protect yourself,

you tend to use black.  

Black does not allow people to see one’s emotions.



The meaning of blue is soothing and controlling.

You tend to use blue when you want to relax or when you are relaxed already. 

It may also shows how you are trying not to use your energy forced out,  

and you are saving your energy. 

You maybe feeling down and or you are paying attention to yourself as well.  


I hope this blog can be helpful for you to understand more about yourself and or people around you including children. (Children cannot express their thoughts or needs as much as adults can, so letting them draw pictures help us to understand about them easier.)  


But there is one thing, please remember, these are based on statistics, so it may not be said about you, your friends and or family members. 

Every one has different personalities. 


Please enjoy colors!!



Sugar Craft


Arts and crafts

Finally it’s December.
This is the season of brilliant Christmas illumination.
And it’s about time for decorating a Christmas tree.
So how about an ornament like the photo above?
Actually a friend of mine made this one.
It’s too bad you cannot eat it because the filling is
foamed polystyrene, though. (H.S)

The autumn season for art - At the pottery studio in Kanaz Forest of Creation -


Arts and crafts

I had an opportunity to talk to Mr. Aaron Lee Browne who is a potter and a teacher in Kanaz Forest of Creation, Awara city, Fukui prefecture.


This is a movie while he was making a pot on a pottery’s wheel using 5 kilograms of clay at the pottery studio. At this studio, they usually have 1 day workshops and pottery classes.


I know a bit about pottery and practice using potter’s wheel. I wish I could make a big one as smooth as Mr. Browne does.


Anyway, it is autumn now and I realized how nice it is to come to nothing and spend time in making a pot.


I will tell you more about this at another time.



potter Aaron Browne

Kanaz Forest of Creation



Arts and crafts

I accompanied to the shooting of Ceramic artist Aaron Lee Browne and his works.
He made one vase in front of us. It was very beautiful shape.
He said the consistent theme is "ratio" in his work. (Y.Y)