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Venus -Japanese Cheerleading Squad-


JETS and Grace JETS

This is the adult cheerleading squad “Venus” which has been established with the graduated members of the cheerleader club “JETS” of Fukui Commercial High School.


In Venus, there are original members of the JETS who won the first place at NDA National Championship and it was made into a movie.


We visited them at one of their rehearsals. It was in the middle of summer vacation, so they got to use their old school.


They will participate in national convention next month.

Although all of them have jobs or go to universities, surprisingly,

they rehearse 3 or 4 times a week.

They are putting so much effort and time so I truly felt that I wanted to support them.




Checking their own movement on one of their smartphones.

NDA National Championship - The winning Team JETS’s miraculous story is made into a movie!!


JETS and Grace JETS

The other day, a great news for the people of Fukui Prefecture reached us.  
It was about making the cheerleader club JETS of Fukui Commercial High School’s
story until they won NDA into a movie.
We also have taken a video of them and interviewed its members and coach,
which you can see the video on this site. → The Real JETS

The leading actress is now learning cheer dance directly from the choreographer
who choreographed for JETS.
The movie will be released next year.
I am very much looking forward to seeing what the movie would be like.


Here is the video of the stage of JETS at NDA National Championship this year.
And JETS won again, of course!!
Now they achieved their fourth consecutive victories. (H.S)


NDA's official website

Fukui Commercial High School JETS at “NDA 2016 National Championship” / 4th Consecutive NDA Victory


JETS and Grace JETS


Fukui commercial High School JETS, the cheerleader club, a regular participant at “NDA National Championship” which was held from Feb.25th to 27th, 2016, won the first prize for the fourth consecutive year in international team performance category!


I borrowed the video of “NDA National Championship 2016” from the coach of the cheerleader club, Ms. Igarashi.


After their performance, because of relieving from the pressure and/or feeling grateful of their own performance, they look very happy and excited.


They now might be working on the basics every day with freshmen who just joined from this year. I remember their practice scene which I saw last year at the high school.



JETS practicing


JETS and Grace JETS

The cheerleading team of Fukui Shogyo(commercial) high school, "JETS" is known for winning 3 years in a row in NDA National Championship (International team performance category).

Having the opportunity to see their practice today, I was very impressed by the crisp performance and seriousness of each member.

I'll put a full report later.