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Canoe Touring in Lake Kitagata / Certificate of Completion




I received a certificate of completion with photographs

from “Canoe Touring / Travelling Through the Lake – From Lake Kitagata to Japan Sea” conducted by Prefectural Awara Youth House in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture.

In the photographs, I am wearing a helmet for the river in order to put a GoPro on it.

Now, I can see how I looked with the helmet and the GoPro that day.


At Prefectural Awara Youth House in Awara City, there are a variety of activities available,

one of which is canoeing. Parties of three or more people can use the facility.

There is accommodation available, so you and your family can stay overnight

and make the most of your stay.


Although the activities are introduced as “trainings” on their website so they sound a bit formal, but they are acutually enjoyable.

Compare to what people usually do for sightseeing tours such as visitng temples, shrines and everything in between, I think that staying in Awara Onsen (a hot spring area in Awara City, Fukui) and canoeing can be a different, a unique and a recommendable tour.




Canoe Touring in Lake Kitagata



Last Saturday, September 6th, 2016, I participated in

“Canoe Touring / Traveling Through the Lake - From Lake Kitagata to the Sea of Japan”

conducted by Prefectural Awara Youth House in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture.


The Lake Kitagata is a long and thin brackish lake

and it is connected to the Sea of Japan at Yoshizaki area.

The weather was sunny, I enjoyed canoeing a round trip of 14km from Prefectural Awara Youth House area to just before reaching the Sea of Japan.


As soon as we started, we went under “Iris Bridge”, which is a symbol of Lake Kitagata.


As we went further down the river and as we passed the bridge under the prefectural road 120, we went into the area called “Oumi” which is the widest area of the Lake Kitagata.
There was no wind and/or wave, so we canoed smoothly.


As we were looking at windmills on the mountain on the left, we canoed toward Yoshizaki area. The elementary students who struggled rowing canoes at first, they became used to it right away. While I was canoeing, I saw some mullet fish jumping out of water here and there.



We had a lunch at the park in front of Yoshizaki-gobo (base temple of Honganji-school).
At the dead ahead of the forests in front of the people having lunch in the picture is the Sea of Japan.


I felt that returning to the start point seemed faster.

I kayaked for the first time in a while and I want to do this more from now on.



The Season of Autumn Mountain is Coming Soon



It has still been very hot in Fukui and I am sick of the heat now. The good news is that the season of autumn mountain is coming soon which means that it will be cooler soon.


Last October, I went on hiking to Mt. Akausagi, where is located between Fukui and Ishikawa Prefectures. The autumn leaves I saw on the mountain were amazing. Right before the season of autumn mountain, I decided to divide a video I took at the mountain into three clips.

This is a breakaway broadcasting without description and it is pretty long but please enjoy watching the autumn leaves as if you are actually walking on the mountain. First of the three is one third of the video of that hiking day. Although many of the members of a hiking group whom I went on with were in their 70’s, I was amazed by how good walkers they were.



Amazing autumn leaves


We took a picture on the top of the mountain.

Colourful antumn leaves in a Japansese mountain, Mt. Akausagi.



Yesterday, I went on hiking with a hiking group to Mt. Akausagi which is 1,629 meters above sea level and located between Fukui and Ishikawa prefectures.


We took the long loop route in which we climbed from Ishikawa prefecture side.  Although people whom I went on with were older than I, they would go faster if I walked slowly.


Because the weather was very nice, we got to enjoy Mt. Hakusan scenery, blue sky and the contrast of autumn leaves between yellow and red.


I’ll tell you more about this hiking trip later. (T.S)