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Japanese-English words for soccer terms



It's already been almost two months since the final match of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Time really flies. By the way, when I watch soccer games, I think that English words are often used. However, in fact, some of them do not make sense in English.


[Japanese-English] [English]
*uniform  →   kit


*sta-men   →  starting lineup


*group league →  group phase


*heading   →  header


*middle shoot → let fly from ***yards


*PK (sen)    →  penalty shootout


First of all, you might wonder whether soccer or football is right in English. In conclusion, they are both right. In England, the country where soccer originated, it is called football, and in the United States, it is called soccer in order to differentiate from American football.


For reference, Japanese National Team's coach's English title is 'coach'. In England, it is 'manager', in Germany it is 'trainer' and in France it is called 'sélectionneur'(selector) in French. It's interesting because it shows each expected role depending on the country. (H.S)


FIFA selected the five players who burst on the scene at the World Cup.
Inui of Japanese National Team was also chosen!
(Photo is from FIFA's official Twitter)

2018 Fukui Happy and Healthy National Sports Festival



poster of 2018 Fukui Happy and Healthy National Sports Festival

Fukui Prefectural Government

**The poster of 2018 Fukui Happy and Healthy National Sports Festival is available only in Japanese page.


The 73rd National Sports Festival of Japan will be held in Fukui this year (2018) from September 29th to October 9th. It will be the second time for us to have it in Fukui Prefecture, 50 years from the last one. It is exciting to know that we only have one more month to go before the National Sports Festival starts. People in Fukui, we are looking forward to welcoming many people such as top athletes, their coaches and staff, and the people who will be watching the sports games from all over Japan.



Logo of the National Sports Festival of Japan

Logo of the National Sports Festival of Japan



The National Sports Festival of Japan is the largest sports event in Japan and it is held annually in the form of an inter-prefectural competition. The main purposes of the event are to encourage people in Japan to do sports to maintain their health and improve their physical strength.



the logo of the national sports festival 2018 Happiryu is everywhere in Fukui

In Fukui City, I see many things with “Happiryu” the logo of 2018 Fukui Happy and Healthy National Sports Festival every day. I also see many people with uniforms with the logo walking around the city. They seem really busy with preparing for the event.
Now, the atmosphere in Fukui to have the largest sports event is becoming higher and higher.


Since during the event, there will be many people from all over Japan visiting Fukui.
They might need to ask directions to places they want to go, recommended food and/or places in Fukui and so on. As a Fukui resident, I will do my best to welcome them.


Let’s cheer Japanese top athletes!



SAMURAI BLUE fought their best



Our samurais’ fight at the FIFA World Cup 2018 is over.
They advanced to the final 16 for the first time in two tournaments and
whole nation has been filled with excitement, but a ruthless ending was to befall them.
How frustrated they were!
With football, it is said that leading 2-0 poses the highest risk.


Until they lost a point in the game with Belguim, they looked like they were in a ‘zone’ (intense concentration).
I think ‘zone’ means being:


*sharpen senses


However, the ‘zone’ may be disappeard by a brief moment of inattention like a spell is broken.


Although it’s very difficult for me to understand their chagrin, I think that a strong spirit will born when they get over it.


Thank you, the Japanese national team, coach Nishino and staff.
I am looking forward to the next World Cup. (H.S)


Photo is from the official Twitter of the FIFA World Cup @FIFAWorldCup
The Inui’s back shot had me in tears.
At any rate, his middle-range shot was amazing!

Yuzuru Hanyu and a book called “Steel mental strength”



When I heard the news that Yuzuru Hanyu won the gold medals in consecutive in the Olympics, I was so glad as if spring has arrived for me, who has been mentally and physically exhausted due to lingering effect of the heavy snow.


From Sports Hochi Twitter Official Account


After Hanyu’s performane, a sports commentator said “What a mental strength!”.
When I imagine his mentality, I brought to mind a book I read before.


From the book “Steel mental strength” written by Naoki Hyakuta, I will quote a passage which I was impressed.


[Mind is broken by yourself but you can fix by yourself]
Human mind is delicate and fragile. It is like a precision instrument. But in fact,
mind is unexpectedly strong against outside damage. Instead, it is weak against inner damage. In other words, those who break their minds may do it by themselves.



Replacing the passage for Yuzuru Hanyu, he had been protected his mind against outside damage, the injury, and had been believed in himself, so we might say that his effort borne fruit.


Yuzuru, thank you for your great performance and the gold medal! Please take a good rest. (H.S)

Local line schedule, Kadohara station in Fukui, near Mt.Arashima



Kadohara station
Kadohara station

On the other Thursday, I took a short ride of Etsumi-hokusen, a local train between Fukui and Ono, from Kadohara to Shimo-Yuino to go back to the place I parked my car, after hiking in Mt.Arashima.

Because there is one of entrances of Mt.Arashima 1,523m (4,997ft) near here, many hikers use this station to approach that mountain.

It is not so high but being an isolated peek with outstanding view, and because a famous writer Kyuya Fukada chose it as one of "One Hundred Mountains in Japan" back in the 1960s, the mountain is very popular among the hikers ever in Japan.


Kadohara station and a train
Kadohara station operates without a conductor


Schedule of Kadohara station

There are few trains on the schedule here as you see above, and it's not so convenient for us especially on weekdays. However, I saw quite a number of people in the mountain, who came from Hokkaido, Tokyo and the other places far away. That's "One Hundred Mountains in Japan".