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Leaf patterned leaves in Fukui General Green Center


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There were leaves that look as if plant illustrations were drawn. This is a foliage plant called Calathea. I was attracted to the unique pattern when I saw the plant in "Flower Display Greenhouse (commonly known as Onion House)" in the Fukui Prefectural General Green Center, yesterday.


Since it was about 4 p.m. and chilly outside but there were people who enjoying walking and exercising in the vast park. In addition to those who were walking, there were also parents and children playing with soccer balls on the lawn and people walking dogs. There were cautions saying "No dangerous pets allowed" and "No hard balls allowed", but there were no signboards saying "No dog walking" or "No ball play", which are common in parks.


I think it was good to feel the atmosphere like "Let's enjoy here each other having good manners, instead of prohibiting everything".


Inside the Onion House was decorated for Christmas. There was a photo shooting spot near the entrance where you can expose your face through a heart-shaped hole.
(The photo is from the official web page/only in Japanese)


The park has a vast site with a straight line distance of more than 1 km from end to end. There is an observatory in the main facility "Woodream Fukui".
(The map is from the official web page/only in Japanese)

Unexpected superb view, Tedori Gorge


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I was surprised that such a scenery was hidden.


Saying that it was unexpected is kind of disrespectful, but there was a huge gap between the scenery I saw while driving and one when I parked and looked down from the bridge.


It was when I went to Tedori Gorge in neighboring Ishikawa Prefecture on a sunny day about 10 days ago.


Recommended spots are dotted along the Tedori River that flows from Mt. Hakusan, so I went around some of them. Unlike ordinary tourist spots, there were no souvenir shops etc.. It was good that I could quietly enjoy the scenery.


I liked such an atmosphere and I want to visit more of these kinds of "tourist spots".


Small parking lot next to "Komon Bridge", and the trees along the river are on the right. It can only be seen as an all-too-common river from here. Mt.Hakusan can be seen in the background.


From the bridge, I saw this scenery below. I felt a bit tense because of the unexpected height.


View from "Furo Bridge" slightly upstream. The parking lot here is large.


Information board near the "Furo Bridge"


A bit thrilling stone steps going down to the bottom of "Watagataki Falls", a little further upstream from the "Furo Bridge"


The "Watagataki Falls" with a drop of 32 meters from the bottom of the steps


View of the downstream side from the "Watagataki Falls". You can see an observatory in the upper left. This area seems to be a rafting course.


At the top of the steps, there was an outdoor facility called "Watagataki Ikoi no Mori" with a campsite sign and a house that looked like an administration building, but it seems to be not used any more. Or, it may be simply because of off season. A few minutes walk to the observatory that I mentioned before.

Ono Castle and a samurai residence


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When I looked at the former Uchiyama residence from its back side, which was the residence of the chief retainer of Ono Domain in the Edo Period, Ono Castle appeared in the background. Although the present Ono Castle is a new building, there are no electric wires that spoil the view in the landscape, so I imagine that the castle must have seen like this in the past too.


When I looked inside the house, the delicate designs here and there caught my eye, contrary to the rugged impression I received from the word "samurai residence". And somehow, I felt nostalgic.


Modern-looking works on the transom windows


A cute ornament on the horizontal piece of timber


The arches of the beams in the corridor are also cool.

Visiting Fukui City Osagoe Minkaen Garden


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The other day that was sunny spells during the rainy season, I strolled in the Fukui City Osagoe Minkaen Garden.


In the garden, five old folk houses and a wooden storehouse in the Edo period were relocated from some areas in Fukui Prefecture.


The old folk houses, including the Jochi Residence located previously in Ono City, which is the biggest one in Fukui Prefecture, from Awara City, Echizen City, Fukui City and Wakasa Town, are lined and you can enter each house freely.


As I entered an old folk house, an administrative man was eating lunch by the fireside that was actually put wood on the fire. When I saw the scene, I caught a glimpse of a traditional life.


Since the garden is not that far from Fukui Station, it is a good place to take guests from other prefectures with Yokokan Garden and Mt. Asuwa. It is located on a higher ground, so you have a good view and can spend a quiet time that can make you forget a busy daily life.


The old folk houses are used for experience learning for elementary and junior high school students. Also, anyone can apply to use for events. Actually, sometimes events and concerts are held in the garden. (H.S)


Irori fireplace and a spacious wooden floor


Open zashiki (Japanese-style room)


You can see Fukui City's urban area from the veranda.


There is Mt. Osagoe behind the bamboo forest.


The pond in the garden and hydrangeas that are "Flower of Fukui City"


Fukui City's urban area from the walking path in the garden

Spectacular scenery of the stone garden on Rokuroshi-Kogen plateau in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture


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Every time I go to the Rokuroshi-Kogen plateau in Ono City, I think it's very interesting to see the big rocks scattered in the landscape.


The plateau was created by an eruption of Mt.Kyogatake tens of thousands of years ago. So the lava blown off and flown out at that time is still exposed here and there.


The lava is called "Buku-ishi" in Japanese, and it also became a place-name.


The landscape is just like a large natural stone garden.


When viewed from above, it really looks like a stone garden.


There is lava in the vineyards as well. And, the building in the foreground is "Hakusan Winery", the only wine maker in Fukui Prefecture. You can see Mt.Kyogatate at the back.


Lava in the backyard of "Star Land Sakadani", a facility in Ono City.