Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Strawberry pancakes




Strawberries are in season now. They are delicious on their own. But this time, I placed them on pancakes to take an instagrammable photo. And it turned out springlike one anyway but I should have sprinkled the whipped cream with chopped pistachio.


Macadamia nut sauce pancakes that I made long ago


When I went to Hawaii before, a friend who lived in Hawaii took me to Boots & Kimo’s , and their macadamia nut sauce pancakes were very delicious. So I looked for recipes that copied the sauce and made it. Although the taste was similar to it, the original sauce was more fluffy. (H.S)

What I bought at KALDI, which opened its first shop in Fukui Prefecture



KALDI, which is popular for coffee and imported foods, finally opened its first shop in Fukui. So I stopped at it when I went shopping the other day.


I wanted to buy Syrok, which is a Russian chilled dessert that became a popular topic on Twitter recently. It seems to be a chocolate-coated cottage cheese bar. Those who bought one at KALDI said very good. I heard that it is not available in some shops, and unfortunately, the Fukui shop was one of those. That said, Syrok is popular now, so I am looking forward to getting it at the Fukui shop sometime.


Syrok: Russian Premium Cheese coated with dark chocolate 50 gram 321 yen
Milk chocolate coated and white chocolate coated are also available. (From KALDI online store)


These are what I bought at KALDI.


Dried fruits, red curry, brie cheese, truffle cheese dip, shortbread and Shanghai fried noodles.


Be that as it may, shopping at KALDI is a lot of fun and uplifting. That day, the shop limited the number of shoppers, and I could browse there thoroughly. I think that many people stay home now, but it is a blessed relief that people could go shopping freely this way. Other shoppers also looked happy and gave space to ones picking up items kindly, which created a warm atmosphere. (H.S)

Recommendation of cafe and meal in Fukui City “Kisaki CAFE CENTRALPARK”



I went to “Kisaki CAFE CENTRAL PARK” and had chicken curry for lunch. The cafe is located along Phoenix Street in Fukui City and nearby Fukui Court. I was happy that it was healthy and I could eat plenty of vegetables.


Inside the cafe, it has a relaxed and quiet atmosphere with a nice interior. There is a counter for one-person as well. You can drink flavored detox water for free. That day, they served strawberry one, and cucumber with lemon one. It is a really good service. The staff is very friendly, and I would like to go back again. (H.S)


The shop is located on the second floor.


Inside of the cafe


Flavored detox water


Other than the curry, there are a lot of set menus centered chicken dishes.


The first floor is a chicken ramen shop.

Manager Tanaka's restaurant



Ms.Tanaka (left) and Mr.Kasahara (right) are business partners.


I went to "Manager Tanaka's restaurnat", which opened last year (2019) in the downtown area known as Katamachi near our office. The restaurant's name may sound a bit unusual. In fact, Tanaka had served as a manager of a local adult softball team for many years and provided meals to the players. She has cooking skills and continued to have a dream of opening a restaurant. So did the team's head coach Kasahara. And they realized the dream together as partners.


On the counter, there are prepared dishes using indispensable ingedients for local dishes of Fukui such as fried tofu and satoimo (taro). In addition, Tanaka cooks various special dishes if you order something not on the menu. I had a meal while having a light drink. It was comfortable and I was able to relax, even though it was my first time to go to the restaurant. It was perhaps because of their warm personalities.


The small restaurant has seven seats at the counter and a table.


Speaking of Fukui's local cuisine, I have to touch on "simmered pickled daikon radish."


I ordered Thai-style fried rice. A slight flavor of nampla was good (but Mr. Kasahara doesn't like it much).


Its appearance and sign


Souvenir recommendation of Osaka “Freshly baked cheese cake by Rikuro’s”



Recently, when I go to Osaka, I buy the freshy baked cheese cake by Rikuro’s home. They bake cakes at each shop respectively. Customers wait in lines of the shops but it’s no wonder because the freshly baked cheese cake is only 725 yen (with tax) for a 18cm whole cake.


Rikuro’s cheese cake is moist and fluffy, and even those who don’t like sweets can enjoy it. Raisins at the bottom of the cake accentuate the taste.


Who is Rikuro?

Rikuro Nishimura (1933-2007)
Rikuro was born in 1933 in a mountain village of Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture. When he was 16, he apprenticed to a confectionery wholesaler in Osaka. Two years later, he started working for another confectionery maker to master skills for confectionery making. He became independent from the company when he was 23. He founded “Chidori-ya” in 1956. In 1984, Rikuro mark was born as a branding iron when he sold freshly baked cheese cakes at the opening of its Kita-kagaya shop. Afterwards, his shops’ name was unified into “Rikuro’s”. Their cheese cake is loved by many fans. He is a founder of Rikuro Co., Ltd., which has eleven directly managed shops in Osaka City. (H.S)


The freshly baked cheese cake
The photo is from their official website.

[Video of branding the cakes with a hot iron]
When they are finished baking, a bell rings. The cakes are jiggly.