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Soon to be the first anniversary, Manager Tanaka's restaurant



I sometimes go to a small izakaya "Tanaka Mane no Shokudo (Manager Tanaka's restaurant)" in the downtown called "Katamachi" of Fukui City because the shop is close to my workplace. It's perfect for a meal before going out for a drink.


It's an interesting shop where the local softball team's head coach and manager are joint owners. And its quirky name is taken from the nick name of the manager who is good at cooking.


The impact of the coronavirus was so great that even after resuming normal operations there is far less number of customers compared to before. This shop opened on July 1st, 2019, so it is almost the first anniversary. I want this kind of cozy shop to be there forever.


Today's daily lunch menu was tofu hamburg stake.


The other day's lunch was boiled red fish.


Coffee is included for lunch. That's 800 yen in total.


At night, I first pick a few items like this,


And then I ask for a meal menu. Curry and rice on this day.


Lunch at a cafe “misola” directly run by a long-established miso factory in Fukui City



I had lunch at the cafe “misola”, which is directly run by the long-established miso factory “Komego” in Fukui City.


The parking lot next to the shop was full but soon the president of the “Komego” guided me to the second parking lot. So I followed him automatically.


I have always wanted to come to the cafe and I finally came that day. Inside was bright, the lunch was delicious, healthy and plentiful. There is a shop on the first floor, so you can buy various miso products. I think it is a nice idea that you can enjoy lunch and shopping. I want to come again. (H.S)


Lunch plate for June that I had


Looking down into the downstairs shop


The appearance of the shop

Local specialties of Okinawa



I was planning to go to Okinawa in April but I canceled due to coronavirus. I never thought that the day people cannot travel freely would come. Until now, I went to where I wanted to go and had a good time for granted. I was shocked to know that it was incredible happiness.


That said, there is no use feeling down. So I ordered local specialties of Okinawa online so that at least I could feel of being in Okinawa at home. And I received them the other day.



*The items that I bought. (These are ones that I always buy in Okinawa)
Rum “Cor Cor” from Minami-Daito Island
Peanut tofu
Pickled Okinawan shallots
Ishigaki beef miso paste
Instant Okinawan pot noodles
Potato snack of island hot pepper
Banana cake from Miyako Island
Cough drops of shikwasa (Okinawan citrus)
Okinawan deep-fried sweet
Salted rice crackers
Face packs of hibiscus and shikwasa


I bought them through Washita Shop Online (Okinawa Prefecture Products Public Corporation). Washita means 'we' in Okinawan language. In casual conversation, wattaa is sometimes used. (H.S)


Nirai Beach of Yomitan Village in the central of Okinawa’s main island. I took this photo when I visited there several years ago. Okinawan sea is amazing. I hope I will be able to go to Okinawa again as soon as possible.

Sauteed Chinese yam with butter and soup stock flavored soy sauce by Yuri Yamamoto’s recipe



Sauteed Chinese yam with butter and soup stock flavored soy sauce


Yuri Yamamoto is now the most popular cooking blogger in Japan. The dish of Chinese yam is very easy: saute it with its peel, put butter and sprinkle soup stock flavored soy sauce. It is so good. In the first place, I didn’t have the idea of sauteing Chinese yam. It is a kind of taste like you eat in izakaya. Yuri highly recommends soup stock flavored soy sauce, so I bought two flavors. Only by sprinkling with the soy sauce, boiled or grilled vegetables become a delicious dish.


Two kinds of the soup stock flavored soy sauces


Yuri has posted many recipes that you can cook with a microwave, which you have fewer dishes that you have to wash. I have heard that a husband who read Yuri’s recipe book and he got motivated to cook for the first time because those recipes looked so easy.


By the way, Yuri is from Osaka but her husband is from Ono City, Fukui Prefecture. They return to Ono City once in a while. And she wrote in her blog about foods in Ono City.


On Twitter, she answers questions frequently about her recipes. For example, against a chocolate cheesecake recipe, “Is it okay without chocolate?” “It’s okay. I recommend adding a little lemon juice.” She has a big heart, so it must be one of the secrets of her popularity. (H.S)


Yuri Yamamoto and her recipe book
(Photo is Books Kinokuniya's official website)


Yuri’s Twitter: @syunkon0507

Strawberry pancakes




Strawberries are in season now. They are delicious on their own. But this time, I placed them on pancakes to take an instagrammable photo. And it turned out springlike one anyway but I should have sprinkled the whipped cream with chopped pistachio.


Macadamia nut sauce pancakes that I made long ago


When I went to Hawaii before, a friend who lived in Hawaii took me to Boots & Kimo’s , and their macadamia nut sauce pancakes were very delicious. So I looked for recipes that copied the sauce and made it. Although the taste was similar to it, the original sauce was more fluffy. (H.S)