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Hanagaki's special brewery bar on Shichiken Street in Ono City



Annual "Three major morning markets' regional products fair" is being held on the Shichiken Street in Ono City this weekend, and I went there yesterday.


During the event, the street is filled with not only open booths for Schichiken morning market, which has a 400-year-old history, but also specialty products of Ono City, its friendship city and neighboring towns.


And another pleasure at the event is enjoying sake at the special brewery bar being opened by Hanagaki only at the weekend. In the bar, you can taste many kinds of Hanagaki's sake. It is so nice to enjoy sake while chatting with Hanagaki's sake brewers and looking at the Shichiken Street, which many people come and go. (H.S)


It is fun to talk with sake brewers of Hanagaki about sake.


The daiginjo-shu is named "Ultimate Hanagki".


Sake tasting set to compare three kinds of brewer's rice


The menu of the bar


In front of the Hanagaki's shop, you can buy special sake and sake lees only during the event.

Five hurdles in the use of DJI Flight Simulator


Production notes


I started using the DJI Flight Simulator, which I have wanted to use for practicing drone operation. As its name suggests, it is software released by DJI, a leading drone manufacturer, which features a function of simulated operation of their various drones.  


It is attractive that you can use industrial drones such as Mavic Enterprise or Matrice 210 if you purchase a licence. You can use it as a free version without the license as well. In this case, you can only use a general aerial camera, and options of its menu are limited to some extent. Even so, it has a good quality that seems to be very useful for practice. However, there were some hurdles to make it available.


[PC specs]
It runs on Windows 10 only. Moreover it doesn't run on ordinary office use computers and requires fairly high performance. I was able to run on a laptop computer "HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000 Performance Model". The specs are CPU CORE i7, memory 16 GB, graphics board GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti, disk 256GB SSD + 1TB HD.


Even though it is made by DJI, the transmitters of Phantom4 Pro+ and Mavic Pro cannot be used for the software. So I had no choice but to get a used transmitter of Inspire 1 on an online auction. I connect this to the computer by a micro USB cable.


[User manual]
It is available only in English. I can't help but doubt whether they really want to sell it or not.


"Mode 2" is displayed on the screen during actual operation in mode 1. The upside-down transmitter image is also a mystery.


Even if the stick mode was set to 1 on the software, the transmitter operation did not change to mode 1. But when I set the stick mode to 2 on the software, I was able to operate the transmitter in mode 1. However, it was not comfortable because the mode displayed on the screen and the actual operation didn't match. Additonally, the flight mode cannot be set to sport mode. Does it depend on the type of transmitter?


[Internet connection]
Internet connection is always required to use the software. Normally I don't think it's a problem, but this time I had to use it in a place without a network environment, so I rented a mobile router only at the time.


Therefore, there still are some tiny problems, but I'm happy because the software has become available.

Wine event held in front of Fukui Station

A season for wine is here in Japan. The other day, the annual wine event was held in a roofed space "Happy Terrace", right in front of Fukui Station.


At the event, they offered the 150 kinds wine selected from around the world from 200 yen for a glass. Food booths were set up by several popular restaurants and various shops in Fukui, so the visitors could enjoy good foods, breads and desserts as well. And, staff sold wine in a wagon from table to table, which was good service for visitors who don't want to stand up often to get wine at the booth. (H.S)


The "Happy Terrace" is an all-weather space, which is a good place for such an event.


There also was a champagne corner.


I saw the Slovenian wine for the first time.


The food booth of an old restaurant "Grill Fukui"


There were a lot of foods that go well with wine and I couldn't easily choose what to eat.


Assorted hors d'oeuvre


Special advance tickets were sold at Liqueur World Hana and Yasubun.

Plate lunch at a bistro "Bamboche de Yama"




I sometimes go to the "Bamboche de Yama" for lunch. It's a bistro that looks like a private house located just off the center of downtown "Katamachi" of Fukui City. I like its unpretentious atmosphere.


I always order this plate lunch. The contents of the plate change sometimes. Doesn't it look good? Coffee is served and the plate lunch costs 1,000 yen (excluding tax). And, staff says to me every time, "Please be careful. The bread is hot."


I don't want to eat in a crowded restaurant, but in an empty one, I don't feel comfortable. In this respect, the bistro is just right for me. Although I always go there for lunch without a reservation, I can usually sit down.


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Bamboche de Yama, a lovely restaurant in Fukui City

Restaurant recommendation in Echizen City "Ohsama-no-shokutaku"



I extend my sympathy to the people who suffered damages from the typhoon, and I pray that they are able to return to normal life as soon as possible.


By the way, the other day, I had lunch at the "Ohsama-no-shokutaku"(meaning "king's table" in Japanese)in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.


That day, the restaurant provided bread buffet (available until October 25th) for lunch.
You can pick breads you like on the counter and staff will warm up and bring them to your table. Also, self-serve coffee have free refills, which is a good service. At the restaurant, you can enjoy hearty lunch at a very reasonable price. So it is no wonder that the restaurant is popular also because the owner and staff are kind. And, the restaurant is near Sundome Fukui, so why don't you visit it when there are events? (H.S)  


The owner is very friendly and responded with smile for taking a photo. These breads are all-you-can-eat.


Inside the restaurant. There are some private rooms and tables separated by partitions near side, so it is a pretty spacious restaurant.


Salad and appetizers of a lunch set


I chose the hamburger steak with demi-glace from various menu.


Dessert of the lunch set