Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Cold noodles topped with steamed chicken and sesame sauce at a Chinese restaurant "Fukui Gen"




Yesterday I went to the Chinese restaurant "Fukui Gen" , which I often go for lunch. I chose this cold noodles because I didn't feel like eating something hot on such an extremely hot day with temperature over 35 degrees Celsius.


Althogh it was topped with only a small amount of vegetables, I love the style featuring the main ingredient with almost no extra decorations in the same way as other menus of the restaurant. Ice was put under the noodles.


They also serve ordinary "Chilled Chinese noodles." But I prefer the one above. It is forecasted that hot days will continue for the time being, so I will likely go to eat it again soon.


Memories of Mt. Sanjusangen in Fukui Prefecture



When I was tidying up the drawers in my room the other day, I found a journal of the mountaineering club of the company where I used to work in my younger days. I was asked to join the club eagerly and joined it without much consideration, even though I had never climbed a mountain and had no prior knowledge. Now I think that it was because there were very few women in the workplace, so they needed female members for cooking etc.


After work, I ran on the company ground. And then, I climbed the Mt. Sanjusangen ( 842 meters high) located in Wakasa Town, Fukui Prefecture, which was my first mountain climbing. Although I don't remember very much, I remember that the large panorama overlooking the sea and the refresh feeling when I arrived at grass fields in front of the top of the mountain. According to the journal, lunch of the day was Mabo-tofu (Chinese style tofu food), rice, fruits and lemon juice.


By the way, a co-worker who was in a college mountaineering club wrote in the journal as the ultimate in enlightenment of mountains as follows.
"Springwater in mountains, if you drink it, you will get exhausted, if not, it will be the hell, you drink it and exhausting is the way of mountaineering." (H.S)


Commemorative photo on the Mt. Sanjusangen
Most of them were from other prefectures and now they returned home. The mountain climbers were full of energy and gentle. I wonder if they are doing well.

Curry and rice imitating Kouchigawa Dam



Finally, the rainy season was over, so I went to the Kouchigawa Dam to take a video with a camera and a drone.


The Kouchigawa Dam was completed only just this year near Kumagawa-juku in Wakasa Town, Fukui Prefecture. While the main facilities of the dam itself have been completed, other facilities around it, such as the place located just below the dam body to see the downstream, are still under construction. So the sound of heavy machineries was echoing with the sound of the water and buzz of cicadas.


I got an interest in a banner saying "Kouchigawa Dam Curry", which I found while shooting, and I ate it at the hotel "Refreste Yamabiko" located by the dam lake.


In Japanese restaurants, it has become popular to serve curry and rice that imitates a dam for more than 10 years, which is called "dam curry". According to the website of the Japan Dam Curry Association, this Kouchigawa Dam Curry was made as its 176th.


This curry is characterized by not only spices but also by a herbal flavor. A lot of home grown watercress are used. I thought green curry was a good idea for dam curry.


Full view of the Kouchigawa Dam Curry


Brand new dam body of the Kouchigawa Dam


Kumagawa-juku's character "Kumakawa-san" mimicked "Attack on Titan". It's the manhole cover at the top of the dam.


The banner of the Kouchigawa Dam Curry. The hotel "Refreste Yamabiko" is seen behind.