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The Japanese film "The Great War of Archimedes"



I saw the film "The Great War of Archimedes" directed by Takashi Yamazaki, who is known as the director of "The Fighter Pilot" and "The Man They Called Pirate"


The main character, a mathematical genius is a fictional one, but many other characters existed. For him, who is a mathematician, everything in the world can be expressed in a mathematical formula. "Numbers never tell a lie" is the absolute truth, which was his justice.


However, the interpretation of justice depends on the person. In the scene of a meeting, the theme "protecting the country" had missed the point and become a personal attack.This kind of things may have happened in Japan today as well.


Hiroshi Tachi, who played Isoroku Yamamoto, the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet, was stylish and so cool. Isoroku Yamamoto was played by famous actors such as Toshiro Mifune and Koji Yakusho etc. Hiroshi Tachi also played carefully Yamamoto's intellect, humanity and great ambitions as a military man.


Late in the film, Lieutenant General Hirayama said, "Japanese people don't know how to get defeated" "Japanese people will fight to the last man". I think that these are the keywords of this film. The tragic battleship Yamato was one of the world's largest and built with the best technology and aesthetic of Japanese people. On April 7th, 1945, the Yamato was under fierce attack from U.S. fighters and sunk.


From start to finish, the film was breathless. I thought that there were messages to today's Japan in each line and made me think. And, I want to visit Yamamto Museum one day. (H.S)



A fresh encounter with a book published six years ago-Molly Birnbaum's "Season to Taste"




It is a story of a young woman who was aiming for a chef, from when she lost a sense of smell until getting it back. I always read electronic books, but since there was no electronic version of the book, I decided to borrow it from a library.


Then I borrowed the book at Fukui Prefectural Library yesterday, and I was surprised that there was no sign that the book was opened because the tassel was folded neatly between the pages of the book.


Am I its first reader? Had it been waiting for being picked up for nearly six years at the bookshelf of the library that many people use? Indeed, the book was published in September 2013.


Having said that, though, the library may not always get books right after publishing, so it didn't make much sense, but it was a bit of fun from the beginning.


I wanted to read this book because it was introduced in the book called "The strongest 'Reading' that is helpful in business" written by a well-known business person and a great reader Haruaki Deguchi. I like the words of him saying, "There is no other way but meeting people, reading books and traveling the world to become smart.”


Mr. Deguchi recommends the "Season to Taste" after mentioning as below.


- "Flowers should have scent, books should have poison." or "An unprejudiced idea is a non-scented bouquet." Among proverbs about books, I like these two irresistibly.-


I have just started reading the book and I do not know at all what the story will be like, but I am curious about what kind of poison or smell it has.

One of the best sightseeing places in Okinawa | Okinawa World



The Okinawa World (the size of three Tokyo Domes) in Nanjo City is representative tourist spot in the southern part of the main island of Okinawa. Gyokusendo Cave opened in 1972, and the area on the ground was reconstructed and opened in 1996.  


The Gyokusendo Cave is one of the largest caves in Japan, which has more than one million stalactites and a total length of 5000 meters. Only 890 meters of them are currently open to the public. However, when I walked in the cave, it was quite a long and worth seeing. The Gyokusendo Cave has created by nature over three hundred thousand years since ages ago before Homo sapiens was born in Africa.


In the Okinawa World, there are studios of Okinawan glass, pottery and traditional dyeing etc. and you can make them. Also, craft beer and highball with habu's extract by Nanto Brewery there was intriguing. And, Eisa dance performed four times a day is must see. It is exciting and fun, so I highly recommend it. I think that the admission 1,240 yen is a good deal because you can enjoy seeing both the Gyokusendo Cave and the Eisa dance. (H.S)


There were hibiscuses near the entrance of the Okinawa World. Tropical flowers lift up my spirits.


Going deep into the Gyokusendo Cave


Illuminated "Blue Grotto" in the Gyokusendo Cave


BiBi Beach Itoman is near the center of Itoman City. There were no people in the sea, but actually behind me, a beach party was in full swing under a roofed space.


There was a milky tea-colored cat in a shop on Ukishima Street near Kokusai-dori Street. In fact, it is a homeless cat.


A shot of when it started with a fish toy


When I visit Okinawa, I always eat sea grapes (seaweed) and jimami (peanuts) tofu. The Okinawan glass dishes look cool.


A train of "Yui Rail" (Okinawa City Monorail) is entering Omoromachi Station. There are the nation's southernmost and westernmost stations on the Yui Rail Line.


Here is a video of a song called "Shimauta", which was performed at an izakaya "Hatomajima" on the Kokusai-dori Street.

Made a carrying case for a mini drone


Production notes


I made a carrying case for storage and carrying of the mini drone bodies, parts and a transmitter that I usually use for practice. Actually I only put the cushioning material called block cushion in the commercially available aluminum case for tools, but even so, the size of the cushion was just right and easy to process, and I was satisfied with the finished result.


The block cushion has 15 mm square cuts on the entire surface of a large sponge. In other words, it is a block of the 15x15x60 mm sponge pillars. The pillars are connected to each other in some points, and it is easy to make a hole without using a special tool because you can cut the connected points by hand or a ruler. Furthermore, I cut the sponge taken out of the holes into a suitable thickness with a cutter. Then I returned it into the original holes, and made the bottom parts according to the height of the things to be put there. 


But this is not good enough yet, because the upper half is left empty, and the contents will fall apart when you lift it, so I packed some cushioning material on the back of the lid as well. I removed the panel for tools and writing instruments originally attached there.


Space for the replacement parts has two stories.


Block cushion placed in the aluminum case (before being processed)

A main figure changes in quite a short time

Ladies' tresses


A little while ago I wrote, "Buta-na (Cat's ear) flowers are blooming all over." But when I went to that place again yesterday, I found the yellow flowers disappeared and the site had been replaced by the pink flowers called Nejibana (Ladies' tresses).


Flowers of the Nejibana are small and modest, but they have a unique spiral shape. When I look at the flowers, I feel that summer has come.


In the background, sunflowers that are main character of summer, when the Buta-na was in bloom were small nursery plants, grew up higher than a man and the large flowers bloomed.



The sunflowers here in "Star Land Sakadani" will be in full bloom soon.


tree frog
The rainy season is not over yet and there were tree frogs here and there.