Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




A lot of Katakuri flowers were in bloom on the top of Mt. Kyogatake

The Katakuri (Dogtooth violet) flowers that grow on the top of Mt.Kyogatake. 


On May 11th (2019), I found a lot of Katakuri flowers blooming on the top of Mt. Kyogatake (1,625 meters) in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture. Although I didn’t aim for the time of bloom, it seems that it was just the right time.


Many other flowers were also blooming along the mountain trail, but it's too bad that many of them were unknown to me. So I would like to know more about animals and plants in mountains.


Iwanashi flowers that I found on the mountain trail. Their berries taste like pears.


Iwauchiwa flowers were blooming quite a lot. They are similar to Iwakagami ones but the shape of leaves is different.


Mt. Hakusan looked close from the top of Mt. Kyogatake.


Recommendation of okonomiyaki and teppanyaki restaurant in Fukui City: "Yoshina"



The other day, I went to the okonomiyaki and teppanyaki restaurant ”Yoshina", which I have wanted to go.


The "Yoshina" serves unique new type of okonomiyaki such as using small tomatoes grown in Fukui Prefecture and teppanyaki using locally grown ingredients. It is located in front of Fukui Station, so it is convenient for tourists as well.


"Yoshina" is a popular restaurant, so you should call ahead to reserve a table. I went there on a weekday, but it was full and several persons could not entry and a staff apologized. For the moment, they don't open during lunch time, but according to a staff, the owner wants to operate as a cafe in the daytime, so I am looking forward to it. The "Yoshina" is a restaurant that I want to go again soon. (H.S)


The restaurant's sign outside on the street.
There are Fukui's local sake bottles, "Ippongi" and "Bon" on the barrel. Good choice!


The entrance is like a town house's one in Kyoto. Such a long approach is not seen very much in Fukui.


This is the Tomato Okonomiyaki that represents the restaurant. (The photo is from "Yoshina"'s website)
It uses small tomatoes grown in Fukui. Their original sauce blends well with tomatoes' sour taste.
The okonomiyaki is really good. I recommend Avocado Okonomiyaki, too. They bring cooked ones to your table.


They also serve side dishes in addition to okonomiyaki and teppanyaki. This one is a pork-shabu salad.

It was cold like midwinter on the first day of Golden Week holidays in Mt. Tateyama



I went out to Mt.Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture on April 27-28 (2019).


The first day, it was bad weather as the forecast said. I set up the tent in a blizzard and coldness below -10 degrees Celsius. But the wind stopped in the evening, and the unbelievable star-filled sky appeared in the middle of the night!


The next day, it was clear and sunny with no wind. I traversed Mt.Tateyama's three peaks (Mt.Oyama, Mt.Onanji and Mt.Fuji-no-oritate) while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains and seeing the snow grouses that appeared in front of me. Those two days were like condensed charms of snowy mountains.


After a while, Mt.Tateyama will be a summer mountain filled with alpine plants. I always think that Mt.Tateyama is the best mountain resort in Japan with different attractions by seasons.


At Raichozawa campsite. I set up the one-person tent in the snowstorm.


The second morning. Mt.Tateyama's three peaks (from right to left on the trapezoidal shape: Mt.Oyama, Mt.Onanji and Mt.Fuji-no-oritate) seen from the Raichozawa campsite.


Mt.Fuji, Mt.Yari and Mt.Hodaka were clearly visible from the top of Mt.Oyama, the main peak of Mt.Tateyama.


Mt.Tsurugi was seen beside the shrine at the top of Mt.Oyama.


A pair of snow grouses appeared in front of me while traversing.