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Do you have any plans for the New Year holidays? -Come Visit Fukui!-


Places to visit

What are you going to do during the New Year holidays?
You might be planning to do house work, be hospitable to your family members and/or friends who visit your house, do nothing but eat and sleep, enjoy watching movies, read books, study, visit your parents' house, have fun with your friends, etc.


Some of you might be planning to travel around.


crab and other seafoods on the rice

If you are in Japan and want to travel around, I recommend you to visit Fukui. As we've introduced on our website "GEN" that there are many things that are enjoyable in Fukui throughout the year. Of course, it is great to be in Fukui during winter as well because there are amazing crabs to eat, hot springs to relax and feel warm, ocean to see and feel soothed, temples to visit and feel at peace, etc.


Moreover, we have snow in winter, temples and ocean look amazing with the snow.


the japan sea in winter

A friend of mine from other prefecture visited Fukui last winter, and she was impressed by the ocean with strong waves.


This is the video that was provided by Fukui Prefecture, "Letter of the Fortune: Fukui, home for happiness to come." The great places to visit, the amazing foods to eat, interesting things to do in Fukui are introduced in the video. Enjoy!




As you can see, Fukui is a fascinating place to visit. If you are in Japan and haven't made a plan yet for the New Year holidays, how about visiting Fukui? I'm sure you will have a great time!

Imaginary Fukui City's subway


Life in Fukui

It was introduced in the Fukui Shimbun newspaper the other day: A university student from Echizen City created an imaginary Fukui City Transportation Bureau and released its subway map. It "operates" the subway lines every day.



Of course, there are no subway lines in Fukui City now, and I have never heard that they would be constructed in the future. But I admire such an idea with dreams.


When I looked at the subway map, I was glad to find a station near my house. I think that Shinkansen is certainly necessary, but subways are closely related to the daily lives of the local people, so if there are, they help the people a lot. As well as during winter with much snow,
in the hot summer sun or the rain, you don't have to wait a bus outside. They also are useful for people who don't drive. And elderly people may not feel hesitant to return their driver licenses. (H.S)


Here is a video of the "Fukui City Transportation Bureau". (2'20")
Fukui City Subway Lines   Fukui Station   Owada Line

There is nothing I cannot do. There is no way I can do it without doing it.


JETS and Grace JETS

Carnegie Hall and Carnegie Hall Tower( Carnegie Hall - Wikipedia


Tomorrow, December 26th, Fukui Commercial High School Cheerleader Club JETS performs at Carnegie Hall.


JETS is a team formed with the aim of winning the NDA (National Dance Alliance) competition. Indeed, America is synonymous with JETS, and I hear that many students who enter JETS have been dreamed of 'National championship in America'. However, this year, the recommendation system of NDA for the Japanese high school teams has quitted and the dream has ended.


But when I saw Ms. Igarashi, the teacher in charge of the club, at the All Japan Competition last year, she said "I am going to take them to the United States somehow." As the new year came, hearing that JETS won another competition held in Las Vegas, I remembered her words. And recently, I felt astonished again at their new departure.


When I took a video of practice scenes in November, I saw Ms. Igarashi reading notebooks stacked on the desk at a corner of the gym. The notebook should be the "Dream Note" of each member . And I'm sure that the dream of dancing in the United States is written in each of them. I was touched by the teacher who took their dreams and realized the dreams.


By the way, the motto of her was introduced on a TV program of NHK World last year.
"There is nothing I cannot do. There is no way I can do it without doing it."
I posted the words on the wall this year.


JETS practicing at the gymnasium of Fukui Commercial High School (taken in November)

Eiheiji Temple and the "5 lucky paintings"


Places to visit

eiheiji temple and its stairs
eiheiji temple and its stairs

I visited Eiheji Temple in Fukui Prefecture.



eiheiji garden

We've visited there and introduced the temple several times.



paitings on the ceiling

Today, I'd like to introduce the 5 lucky paintings on the ceiling in one of the rooms called "Sansho-kaku" in the Eiheiji Temple. In the room, there are 230 paintings on the ceiling and they make the visitors impressed.


The paintings are painted by 144 great painters. One of them is a father of a famous actress in Japan, Yukiji Asaoka.


The 5 lucky paitings

It is said that if you find 5 of the 230 paintings; a squirrel, the Chinese-style figure of a blue lion, the Chinese-style figure of a white lion, two white carps, and a black carp, your wish might come true.


It is fun to enjoy looking at all the beautiful paintings on the ceiling and looking for the 5 special ones. It might help you to make your wish come true.


I'd like to share the video that introduces the words of Dogen Zenji (19 January 1200-22 September 1253), a Japanese Buddhist priest, writer, poet, philosopher, and the founder of the Soto school of Zen in Japan. His words are very meaningful. Before the new year starts, it might be a good thing to think about things in your life with his words.




The birthplace of rice omelet: a restaurant "Hokkyokusei"  



When I went to Osaka the other day, I had a rice omelet at the "Hokkyokusei".(Hokkyokusei means Polaris in Japanese.)
Although the restaurant seems to have been well known, I didn't know at all that there was a birthplace of rice omelet in the first place.


You can read why the rice omelet was born on Hokkyokusei's web site . In short, there was a following conversation between a customer and the owner.
"This is very good. What is the dish called?" "Rice and omelet, so it is a rice omelet!"


I went to their Shinsaibashi head restaurant, which is like a retro Japanese-style house with a courtyard. It was nice to have a delicious rice omelet in the spacious retro Japanese room. So I understand the restaurant is popular among foreign tourists.


The omelet was fine and thin. I thought that the word "gentle taste" was truly to describe the rice omelet.


There was a multilingual plate on each table.


This one is for the restaurant staff.


The entrance of the Hokkyokusei 


I went there around 1 p.m. on a weekend and waited inside about 20 minutes before I was guided to a table. It was good that I didn't have to wait long outside. They have a few branch restaurants in Kyoto as well. (H.S)