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Box works I met at the exhibition "Art Document 2018 Adventure of YOJI KURI"


Arts and crafts

Left) Home with a dachshund    right) Boxes with a leg


Last Sunday, I went to the exhibition "Art Document 2018 Adventure of YOJI KURI" held at the Kanazu Forest of Creation.

Of course art-animations are synonym of KURI, which I love. Also, there were exhibited a lot of comics and tableaux besides animations, and among them, I was particularly attracted to a series of these white box works .

In fact, I have also always liked the box works by Joseph Cornell for a long time. I think that paintings themselves are microcosms and these box works make me feel
more this way.

A work that 90-year-old KURI drew by dripping enamel paint at the venue of opening talk
(It is big as the height of adults.)


Art Document 2018 Adventure of YOJI KURI ( Japanese only )


Aum Shinrikyo and "The place that was promised" written by Haruki Murakami



Shoko Asahara, who was the guru of Aum Shinrikyo and 12 condemned convicts were executed in July this year.


In "Underground" by Haruki Murakami, Murakami interviewed with 62 victims of the 1995 sarin gas attack by the Aum Shinrikyo. In "The place that was promised", he interviewed with members and former ones of Aum Shinrikyo. A former member from Fukui Prefecture was also interviewed.



Although I have read both books, I reread "The place that was promised" recently because I didn't want to forget the incidents caused by Aum Shinrikyo.


A former member said in the book, "Deep believers were chosen as the perpetrators of the sarin attack on the Tokyo subway system. And the guru said, 'You are specially selected.' He appealed to a sense of responsibility of the members. Devotion is the base of Aum Shinrikyo's belief. In the name of devotion, there was a self-aligned process in Aum. I have to remember the fact that the presence of Shoko Asahara functioned in the world even if only temporarily and that caused those incidents."


I think that's quite true. After rereading the book, I was shocked that the situation didn’t seem to have changed very much from 1998, when the book was written.


To prevent another sarin gas attack, we should once again closely examine the problems that Aum Shinrikyo came out, and hand down in the future. (H.S)

The 6th anniversary of the founding of Bhutan Museum Fukui



a brochure of the lecture meeting commemorating the 6th anniversary of Bhutan Museum Fukui
a brochure of the lecture meeting commemorating the 6th anniversary of Bhutan Museum Fukui

On November 11th, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.,

the lecture meeting commemorating the 6th anniversary of Bhutan Museum Fukui

on the subject of "What can we learn from Bhutan" will be held.

Two guest speakers are invited to talk about the role of the Bhutan Museum Fukui,

and building nation and community in Bhutan.

Let's see what we can learn from their speeches.



introduction of Bhutan Museum
introduction of Bhutan Museum

At the museum, there are traditional costumes, musical instruments and

festival items from Bhutan. There are also boards with explanations for each item,

so visitors can learn so much about Bhutan.


Visitors can try wearing the traditional Bhutanese costumes

watching the photographs of successive kings, local people and

views of Bhutan on the wall.

It will surely let the visitors feel as if they are in Bhutan.


Bhutan Museum Fukui is located a 10 minutes walk from JR Fukui Station.

Come and enjoy learning about Bhutan!