Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Peaceful farm road in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture


Charms of Japan

beautiful sky

I took a walk along a farm road in Awara City.



farm road that is about 20 minutes away from JR Awara Station in Fukui Prefecture

It was a twenty minute train ride from Fukui to Awara. From the Awara Station,

it was a walk of approximately twenty minutes to the farm area. Since it's not so far

from Fukui City, so it was a nice day trip.



rice fields and moutains

Fukui City is surrounded by beautiful nature and the farm road I went

had so much more nature than it does in the Fukui City and it was refreshing to see it.



flowers and Japanese pampas grasses moving gently in the breeze

It was in the beginning of autumn and such a beautiful day. It was soothing to see some

flowers and Japanese pampas grasses moving gently in the breeze. I saw rows of beautiful

mountains over these flowers and grasses. The area was very quiet but it was nice to

hear bell-ringing crickets, the sound of a few cars passing by and the distant sound of

trains running. I felt nostalgic seeing the scenery and hearing these sounds.



persimmon farm
persimmon farm

I saw large persimmon farms. There were many ripe persimmons that were ready

to be shipped out to the whole country.



a farm road surrounded by mountains

If you have a chance, how about taking a walk around one of farm roads near you?

I'm sure you can feel relaxed.



Book recommended by Ms. Igarashi, the head coach of JETS, Fukui Commercial High School Cheerleader Club



This is the book "Technique to unify team mind" , which she showed me at the practice place of JETS.
Lower left hand is Ms. Igarashi's.


When I visited the practice place of JETS, Ms.Igarashi recommended the book "Technique to unify team mind" to me. JETS is a well-known cheerleader club of Fukui Commercial High School, and Ms. Igarashi is the head coach of the club.
Not only did she and JETS members read it, but they also participated in a workshop by its author, Mr. Yusuke Murata.
I think Ms. Igarashi herself could write a book about teamwork because she's already had enough achievements.
At any rate, I was impressed with a glimpse of her efforts.
So I ordered the book immediately after I got home and received it yesterday.


The figure of teamwork pyramid was put on the wall in the practice place.


Afternoon tea at Chorakukan in Kyoto City


Kyoto and Nara

I went to the Chorakukan to enjoy afternoon tea after Kyoto Sate Guest House, where I posted about it on our blog the other day.


The Chorakukan was built by a businessman Kichibe Murai in 1909 as a guest house for guests from home and abroad. The building and its household equipments are designated as a tangible cultural asset by Kyoto City. Currently, it is used as a restaurant, cafe, hotel and a place for wedding.


The afternoon tea starts with sparkling wine. You can choose soft drinks. And, you have various choices for tea. I chose Dimbula, which is Sri Lankan tea. It has a mild flavor and I enjoyed the true taste of tea.


You can have a quiet moment as if times stands still, which is completely different from gaiety in Maruyama Park and the adjacent Yasaka-jinja Shrine. The Afternoon tea is so popular, so you should make a reservation in advance. (H.S)


The historical appearance of the Chorakukan


Inside the cafe


Afternoon tea set: Cooked sweets, fruits, scones, herb sticks with duck meat, sandwiches etc.


Lovely tea pots


There are several such rooms on the second floor.


A photo taken from the landing

Lake Manahime-ko in the early morning, Ono City, Fukui Prefecture


Places to visit

Lake Manahime-ko

Statue of Princess Manahime

Managawa Dam

National Route 157


Early in the morning of last Tuesday, I was driving National Route 157 towards Nukumi Pass at the border between Fukui Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture. After a while, I stopped the car near Managawa Dam, where I thought that it was beautiful scenery.


A golden statue of Princess Manahime stands there. And it looked like a mysterious scenery suitable for the legend of the princess, with the morning haze over the lake in the background.


By the way, as this road goes further, its width suddenly becomes narrower and there are several points along a cliff. But at least until around Sasogawa Dam upstream of the Managawa Dam, there is no problem. It is a nice drive way that you can enjoy the scenery.

The movie "Echitetsu Monogatari" (Echizen Railway Story)



a pamphlet of the movie

On November 23rd, the movie ”Echitetsu Monogatari” (Echizen Railway Story)

(the website is only available in Japanese) will finally be released throughout Japan.

The movie is about the local train line in Fukui, "Echizen Railway" and its kind attendants.

On the 23rd, the main actress Natsuko Yokozawa, the actor Naoto Ogata and the producer of

the movie Yoshihisa Kodama will give speeches at Yurakuza Subaru movie theater in Tokyo.

*The speeches will be given after the movie that will starts at 11:35 ends.


You can check the movie theaters that show the ”Echitetsu Monogatari” from here.

(the website is only available in Japanese)


The movie was released on November 3rd in Fukui Prefecture before its nationwide release, so I went to a theater to check it.


It was great to see the amazing scenery of Fukui, the nice local people, Echizen Railway and its attendants on the large screen. They all looked familiar to me because I was born and raised in Fukui. It was also impressive to see the actress/comedian, Natsuko Yokozawa's heartfelt acting with her cheerful smiles.



an attendant on one of the trains of Echizen Railway

The attendants on the trains of Echizen Railway, they sell tickets, tell them how to get to

their destination if they need and show them recommended local attractions.

They are kind and friendly, so I always feel comfortable asking them questions.


the scenery that can be seen from the window of the train of Echizen Railway
scenery that can be viewed from a train of Echizen Railway

It is very soothing and refreshing to see the Japanese houses, beautiful sky, large rice fields, mountains and rivers from the train.



If you have a chance to see the movie "Echitetsu Monogatari" (Echizen Railway Story)

(the website is only available in Japanese) and ride the train, enjoy seeing the great scenery of Fukui, and interacting with the nice local people and the wonderful attendants.