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Recommendation of izakaya in Fukui City “Rogumi”



Late last year, I went to an izakaya where my friend recommended me.
The izakaya, Rogumi (Fukui-ekimae shop), opened last spring.


It’s a new shop, so the inside is very clean.
I had a 4,000 yen Kagaribi course and 1,500 yen all-you-can-drink option.
They also have many other delicious-looking menus, so I would like to order each dish
next time.


Among the all-you-can-drink menus, there was a fruit liquor called “Ranmei-chu”.
I thought it was like a “Shinru-chu” from China but I didn’t know what kind of liquor it was.
So I asked a staff and found it was blueberry liquor. Its kanji also has beautiful expression.
It was cold outside, so I had it with hot water and it was good with a soft sweet flavor.


The izakaya was crowded as it was the end-of-the-year party season, but the young staff’s service was good and I was impressed. A staff even came outside the entrance to see us off. This kind of service remains in my mind as well as the dishes.


I recommend the “Rogumi”, if you look for a nice izakaya in Fukui City. (H.S)


The course starts like this way.
I went to with a friend and had our own room.


The course includes other sashimi, tempura, grilled oyster and buckwheat noodles etc.

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