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Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer part-3 / Pyrotechnicians



There are several amazing fireworks displays during the summer in Fukui,

one of the best ones is “Mikuni fireworks display”.


Have you ever thought about who makes the fireworks and/or who sets them off

for MIkuni Fireworks Display?


Pyrotechnicians of

Inakako Horiuchi Enka fireworks company (Horiuchi fireworks-Inakako Fireworks Company)

in Nagano Prefecture set off the fireworks at Mikuni beach every year.

Inakako Horiuchi Enka was founded in 1899 and they have won numerous awards

at fireworks competitions in Japan and overseas.

They are renowned fireworks company in the world.


Moreover, they set off the fireworks for Nagano Olympics in 1998.


They handcraft all of the fireworks for Mikuni fireworks display every year.

They even make original ones for the display.


30 of the pryotechnicians of Horiuchi fireworks-Inakako Fireworks Company

set off the fireworks at the beach risking their lives every year.


Behind the scene of the splendid fireworks,

pryotechnicians put so much time, effort and even risk their lives.


When you have a chance, how about enjoying the Mikuni fireworks display?


I would like to share a video of “plum1853”, “2014 Mikuni Fireworks Display”.

Please enjoy!


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Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer

Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer part-2 / Mikuni Fireworks Display


The Japanese film “Shin Godzilla” (2016)



I went to see the film “Shin Godzilla” the other day.
When it finished, it made me feel like “ Hang on, Japan!”.


In the film, there was a line “ Japan tried hard to rise up by scrap and build.”
It brought a lump to my throat.
And, as I saw people devote all their time to each work in the film,
I reconsidered that this is the country of Japan.


Throughout the film, it includes a diversity of messages without imposing.
It is left to what feel about to each audience.
It has excellent sense of casting, and Kanji Tsuda from Fukui Prefecture
also enthusiastically performs.
If you have time, why don’t you go to see the film?
It is more than just a monster film. (H.S)


Fukuro (Owl) Cafe


Life in Fukui

I visited “Fukuro (owl) café” which has been opened up in Fukui City on this August 1st.

The café is located right by the intersection of “Yamaoku-cho” near Mt. Asuwa.

I bought a photo book the other day, “Beautiful Owls in the World”

published by PIE International + PIE Books.

I have heard that the book is selling well so I think owls must be popular now.


Customers get to stay there for an hour

(10 minutes for the staff to send off the customers and welcome the new ones,

10 minustes for the staff to give instructions to the customers

and 40 minutes for the customers to actually interact with owls)

and it starts every hour on the hour. It is a café but you cannot take time

enjoying your coffee because time flies having a cute owl on your arm,

looking at it closely and looking at resting ones on the shelf.





Fukuro (Owl) Cafe Fukui (available only in Japanese)

Fukuro (Owl) Cafe Fukui Facebook


Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer part-2 / Mikuni Fireworks Display



As I introduced in our previous blog,“Mikuni Fireworks Display“,

it is a stunning and a breathtaking summer event in Fukui.


This year’s display will be held on today, August 11th and it will be the 36th time.

The Mikuni fireworks display has been conducted since before World War Ⅱ

and it used to be run by Mikuni Awara railroad company (present Echizen Railway Co.,).


By 1932, the Mikuni fireworks display had already been started

but it had gradually become discontinued because of the war.

Other festivals and events in Mikuni had been cancelled as well.


After the World War Ⅱ, the fireworks display was started again

at the beach opening event on July 8th, 1951 and it continued until 1967.


In 1968, oil storage tanks were built near Mikuni beach

where the Mikuni fireworks display has always been held.

There were possibilities of explosion caused by the fire from the fireworks

so the Mikuni fireworks display was cancelled from 1968 until 1980.


In 1981, the tanks were removed and the fireworks that we see today

was started by volunteers.


I would like to share a video of “たなぶーch” (Tanabu-ch), “三国花火2015最後のグランドフィナーレがすごい!”(Amazing finale performance of Mikuni Fireworks in 2015)


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Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer




Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer



Fireworks displays is one of the highlights of the Japanese summer.


I would like to introduce one of the giant fireworks in Fukui, “Mikuni Fireworks”

which is conducted on the ocean and the 10,000 of fireworks exploding

light up the sky for about an hour splendidly.


The Mikuni fireworks for this is year will be held on August 11th at 19:30

at Mikuni Sunset Beach in Mikuni Town, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Water fireworks is renowned for the gorgeous splendor of Mikuni fireworks display

which are launched from off the shore of Mikuni beach.

The pryotechnician throws fireworks directly into the ocean.

There’s another highlight of the fireworks display, 2-shaku-dama

(round fireworks with a circumference of about 24-inch/60cm shells) fireworks

which create an illumination 17,716-inch / 450 meters in diameter on the ocean.

Launching many of 10-go-dama (11.8inch/30cm shells)

in a volley looks very powerful and splendid as well.


I would like to share a video of “FIREWORKSVIEWERS”,