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Sake of Fukui / Part-2 / -Fans of Kokuryu-



As I introduced in our previous GEN staff blog that "Kokuryu brewery" is one of the greatest sake breweries in Japan. There are many people who enjoy having sake of Kokuryu.

Today, I would like to introduce some of the fans of Kokuryu.


There are several kinds of Kokuryu sake

and the best one has been praised by the Japanese emperor.

There are many fans across Japan and even in foreign countries.

Some great admirers are from imperial family,
political and financial circles, and entertainment fields.


Richie Hawtin, who plays music as a DJ all over the world loves “Kuzuryu”

which is made by Kokuryu brewery.

He loves it so much that he established his own Japanese sake brand “ENTER SAKE” using "Kuzuryu".


Yujiro Ishihara and Hisaya Morishige,

who were legendary actors in Japan were fans of Kokuryu as well.


Also there’s one famous story about Kokuyu and Jyukichi Uno, who was another great actor,

a producer and a movie director from Fukui Prefecture.
Right before he passed away, he said
“for the last time, if I could have just a cup of Kokuryu…(I would be grateful)”.


Now we all know, how much Kokuryu has been loved by many people.

I am sure that Kokuryu brewery will keep making “good sake”.


As I mentioned earlier, there are several Kokuryu sake and each one has different flavor.

How about finding your own favorite sake of “Kokuryu” and/or “Kuzuryu” ?


For more information about Kokuryu Kokuryu-Official Site


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Visit to the location of a Japanese novel “Gobancho Yugiriro”(A House in the Quarter) in Kyoto


Kyoto and Nara

Now I am reading the “Gobancho Yugiriro” by Tsutomu Mizukami,
who was born in Fukui Prefecture. (1919 – 2004)
I wonder what will happen to Yuko (the main character) from now,
and also I feel her inner strength even though she is only 19 years old.
By the way, when we went to Kyoto in February, we also visited the Gobancho,
where was the location of the novel.


The Gobancho is situated in the area called “Nishijin”.
It has a short street from north to south, but there are many alleys from east to west.
In around 1951, when the novel is set, it is said that there were about 200 licensed quarters.
At present, it is not a tourist spot but a quiet residential area as it’s off-street.


While walking along the street of Gobancho, it made me want to travel back in time
when the Gobancho was very crowded. (H.S)


The exterior seems to retain the look of that time.


The house features the lattice door.
There is also an amulet called “Shoki-san” on the latticework of the second floor,
which is very Kyoto townhouse like.


Famous restaurant as soft-shelled turtle dishes “Daiichi” is nearby.
The restaurant was founded about 300 years ago,
so it must have been watching the transition of Gobancho.


Speaking of Kyoto, the Japanese confectionery called Yatsuhashi(Cinanamon cookies) is
well known. There are many kinds of Yatsuhashi. Among them, a representative one is “Yuko”.
It was named from the main character Yuko Katagiri of the “Gobancho Yugiriro”.
Actually, Tsutomu Mizukami officially approved to use the name for the confectionery.
This means that perhaps Mizukami also used to like Yatsuhashi.  

Arts in Everyday Life


Arts and crafts

They don't always have to be in so called "beautiful scenery". It is interesting to find things like modern arts in everyday life. Recently, I found something like these. I better give them names.


No.1 Shape caused by rust on a metal plate on the ground.


No.2 The contrast between the vivid colors on a truck stopping in front of me at the intersection and the blue sky looked cool together.