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Wilson cloud chamber


Random thoughts

“Wilson cloud chamber” which is the experiment device for observing radiation, I read about this in a book when I was a child and I can never forget it even though experimenting radiation has nothing to do with my life.


In a radio show, “Radio English Conversation”, which I have started listening to every morning since about a month ago, an expression “He is the right man for the job.” was introduced yesterday.


And as I was listening to an audio book “Reading Steve Jobs in English” on my lunch break, I heard a sentence “but gradually Jobs began to feel that Sculley was not the right man for the job”. I said to myself this must be it!


Although that sentence just happened to be introduced coincidentally on the audio book, I was able to catch it because I study English lesson every morning on the radio.


If we are not ready, we can’t get anything from what happens around us every day. I thought that I should never stop trying to improve my sensitivity.
As I think about something like this, I don’t know why but I think about “Wilson cloud chamber”.


Japanese confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion Kei Wakaizumi, who was born in Fukui Prefecture


Random thoughts

Many years ago, a university professor used to live near my house.
He was thin and usually clothed in a sweat suit so didn’t look like he was a professor
but looked quiet, calm and gentle.
My mother said, “He is a professor of Kyoto Sangyo University, who has a relationship
with some politicians and even U.S. Ambassador comes his house incognito. “


And time passed, I had totally forgotten him but one day, I was surprised to watch TV.
It showed a documentary title “Confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion Kei Wakaizumi” !
Surprisingly, Prime Minister of the time, Eisaku Sato had dispatched Wakaizumi to the United States as a confidential agent of the negotiation.
I had no idea that he was such a great person!


While I will spare the details of the negotiation here, afterwards he suffered from remorse for people of Okinawa, had a disease and killed himself by swallowing potassium cyanide.


When I saw him sometimes, I was only excited that U.S. Ambassador visited near my house (At the time, I think it was Mansfield) but now I would like to know more about his footsteps.(H.S)


Kei Wakaizumi,
was born in 1930 in Fukui Prefecture, a scholar in international politics.
It is said that he played an important role in the negotiation for Okinawa’s reversion
as a confidential agent of Prime Minister Eisaku Sato.


Sake of Fukui / Part-3 / Arigato Project at Kokuryu / Passing on Japanese Sake to the Next Generation



As I introduced in our previous blog that Kokuryu brewery is one of

the greatest sake breweries in Japan and there are many fans of the brewery.


Today, I would like to introduce “Arigato Project” (Arigato means thank you in Japanese).

*Registration of 2016 has been ended. Please apply next year if you would like to join it.


The project has been established since May of 2013

by authorized dealers of Kokuryu, “Yushi-no-kai” as main members

cooperated with Juridical Agricultural Union and Kokuryu brewery.

The activities of the project take place in Fukui Prefecture.


This is the project to pass on Japanese sake to the next generation.

In this project, young people who are age of 20 to 30, residents of Fukui Prefecture,

or employees or students in Fukui take one year to make their own sake.

They make the sake from rice planting and after one year,

they give the sake to the people whom they want to give thanks to.


By letting participants experience from the first step of making sake which is to plant rice,

the participants can actually feel and learn importance of the relationship and connection

with others, and know the charms of their hometown, Fukui as well.


A yearly schedule:

planting rice → firefly festival → rice harvesting → studying session of process of making sake → ceremony of receiving the completed “Sake of Arigato”.


As you can see, they don’t only focus on making sake, they also experience the charms of Fukui through participating in the firefly festival and planting and harvesting rice.


Participants take one year to make the sake, it makes the sake more special and meaningful. After receiving the completed sake, they give it to people whom they want to thank to.

Can you imagine how grateful the people who receive the sake from the participants are?



For more information about Kokuryu,

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation Official Site


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People who pave the way

We just released the video of Masaaki Kimura on our GEN's website,

performing Michael Hedges’s “Ritual Dance", in a music cheering group

”Jonetsu Gundan" (Passionate Group)'s music live show at Bhutan Museum

on February 28th, 2016.


Kimura is a deaf player, and even though I heard that he plays his own special guitar,

still I can never imagine how he can play it without hearing.


Kimura has learned to play the guitar mostly on his own.

Because Michael Hedges has also been as known as an unique musician for his original style,

I thought that Kimura picked the right piece.


They both have paved the way.

I see the strength from Kimura’s gentle smile.




Roses are in full bloom in Japan right now

It seems like the rainy season will start in Hokuriku region soon as well.
Actually, hot humid weather has been continuing for a couple of days.
But also, it’s the time of bloom of roses.
Even though I didn't take care of much, the roses in my garden also grew in abundance.
The photos below were taken at the rose garden in “Lily Town Park” in Sakai City,
Fukui Prefecture.



Just looking at roses makes me feel so gorgeous.
There are roses which have velvet like petals, and they have wonderful scent.
I can’t help wondering how such petals and good smell come from rose trees.
Roses have mysterious attraction, don’t they? (H.S)