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Japanese misspelling and misuse of words


Random thoughts


Even though professional writers write articles of newspapers, magazines and books, and also professional editors and/or proof readers check them, usually one or two wrong characters, misspelled words can be found. Most of the mistakes are typos though.


The other day, I just happened to find a mistake in a newspaper. It was written that “atmospheric pressure is thin”. The correct way of saying it is “atmospheric pressure is low”. It was a mistake of how to use a proper word. For this kind of mistake, if the person wrote this never realizes that it is wrong, she or he will keep making the same mistake. As a result, this kind of mistake might be more problematic than typos.


I better be careful when I write something.



NDA National Championship - The winning Team JETS’s miraculous story is made into a movie!!


JETS and Grace JETS

The other day, a great news for the people of Fukui Prefecture reached us.  
It was about making the cheerleader club JETS of Fukui Commercial High School’s
story until they won NDA into a movie.
We also have taken a video of them and interviewed its members and coach,
which you can see the video on this site. → The Real JETS

The leading actress is now learning cheer dance directly from the choreographer
who choreographed for JETS.
The movie will be released next year.
I am very much looking forward to seeing what the movie would be like.


Here is the video of the stage of JETS at NDA National Championship this year.
And JETS won again, of course!!
Now they achieved their fourth consecutive victories. (H.S)


NDA's official website

Night View of Osaka / Metropolis in Japan


Places to visit

This is the picture of Osaka which I took when I visited there.

The big city, Osaka, it is always crowded and bustling.


After enjoying the day time of metropolitan area,

how about watching the night scene and have a relaxing and supreme time?


I would like to share the video of

“Night Movie Channel of Osaka Japan”

Please enjoy!

“Night View from Abeno Harukas Observatory Osaka Japan”


This Abeno Harukas building is the 166th tallest in the world,

it is 300 meters tall.

How about enjoying the night view of Osaka from this building?



The World's Oldest Jazz Band from Japan

I visited a Jazz concert in Kanazawa the other day.

There were guest players playing there and it was great.


It is not the band I saw that day, but did you know

that there is world’s oldest jazz band in Japan listed in Guiness World Records?

The name of the band is “Golden Senior Trio” which has 3 jazz musicians in it

and the average age is 83 years and 19 days as of 5 July 2015.
So they are about 84 by now!!


I want to be active and delightful when I will be their age!

I would like to share the video of “Guinness World Records”. Please enjoy!

The Oldest Band – Spotlight

Full performance: Oldest band – Golden Senior Trio (Japan)

Aren't they great?! It's not only their age, their music also amazes me so much.

I think they are such wonderful role models for us.



The First Cat Festival in Fukui City



A first unique event was held in the area near Fukui Station during
Golden Week(consecutive holidays Apr. 29th to May 8th this year).
It was memorable "The First Cat Festival in Fukui City”!!
At the same time, a new commercial building opened in front of Fukui Station
but I ignored the crowds and cheerfully headed off to the “Cat Festival”.
The festival site is separated into several places and yellow banners saying
“Cat Festival” are the marks of the site.


First, I went to “Photo exhibition of beloved cats” which you can choose your favorite cat
by vote to select first prize.
Well, every cat looks so cute! I felt the owners’ deep affection.
I also went to another photo exhibition of cats by a professional photographer.
And there were workshops that to make cat’s small article.
At a department store, they put a cat’s goods section
and even sold “Breads with a cat face”.
So it was an attractive festival for cat lovers.


They are planning to hold the second festival this autumn at the earliest.
I think that such an original idea and a festival by the hands of people of shopping street
makes a town more lively. (H.S)


Cat named "Cyobi"

Photography by Eito Mars


"Catographer"!? Eito Mars


Workshops at a corner of the shopping street