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“Hydrangea Parfait” at Itohkyuemon main shop’s tea room in Uji City, Kyoto


Kyoto and Nara

One of the features of Japanese traditional confectionery is showing the season in advance.
And it does not only delight your taste buds but it is also pleasing for the eyes.
At a Uji tea’s specialty shop, Itohkyuemon’s main shop’s tea room in Uji City, Kyoto,
where is famous for Matcha (green powdered tea),
has started to serve seasonal “Hydrangea Parfait” since the other day.


From Itohkyuemon's Facebook page


The color is so gentle and delicate, which looks as if hydrangea blooms in rain
in front of your eyes.
It looks too good to eat, doesn’t it? (H.S)


Itohkyuemon's official website

Get away from the crowded area in Osaka


Places to visit

As I introduced in our staff blog that Osaka is very crowded and bustling
so sometimes we need to take a break.

There are many spaces, cafes and restaurants in Osaka.

One of them which I would like to introduce is “HUB”.
“HUB” is a British style pub.
The inside of this place is just like an English pub with fish and chips,
beer from England and Ireland, and big screens of TV to enjoy watching football (soccer).

How about taking a break from crowded metropolitan area feeling like being in a Britsish pub?


HUB British Pub




Experience in Japan : Hand-copying of a sutra


Random thoughts

Recently, hand-copying of a sutra has become increasingly popular in Japan.
Japanese people have fewer opportunities to write kanji due to conversion system
of computers and mobiles.
At the same time, such abundant information makes us difficult to look within ourselves.


In such a situation, if you are tired in your heart, you might try hand-copying of a sutra.
To concentrate solely on copying sutra each character in a quiet place like a temple,
which can make your state of mind free from delusion and calm.



In Tokyo and other places, “Temple Café” where you can experience easily copying a sutra
is popular among women.
It’s also nice that they serve green tea and delicious Japanese cake :) (H.S)

Night View of Osaka / Metropolis in Japan Part2


Places to visit

In the big city in Japan, Osaka, there are always many people walking.
In the business district, many tall buildings are standing.
Did you know that the poluation during daytime in Osaka is the largest in Japan?
No wonder, it is always crowded.

Daytime and night-time views look amazingly different even in the same area.

Night-time views in metropolis are always breathtaking.

I would like to share a video of "Night Movie Channel of Osaka Japan"
Please enjoy!
"Glittering Osaka City Night Time-lapse Japan"

If you have a chance, how about enjoying the night-time views of the metropolis in Japan?



Okinawan Diva

Okinawa has been called as “Island of Entertainment” since a long time ago and
still today it produces many musicians and actors.
What comes to your mind when you think of Okinawan diva?
For example, Rimi Natsukawa, Namie Amuro, Kiroro, SPEED etc.,
there are so many great female singers but my recent heart-throb one is Tomoko Uehara.
She is the only woman and the vocalist of “Rinken Band” which is the band representing Okinawa. Also, she is the band’s leader Rinken Teruya’s wife.
Her voice is so clear as if it is from above, and is filled with divinity.
Here is a video of her singing an Okinawan folk song “Takoyama”.(1'28")


By the way, Gori of Garage Sale(Japanese comedy group) is Rinken’s nephew and
Kurara Chibana(reporter) is also his relative.
Also, his father Rinsuke Teruya was a great person, called by a nickname of “Terurin”
among people in Okinawa and exerted a great influence on the entertainment in Okinawa after the war. (H.S)