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Miranda Kerr's Morning Yoga -easy stretching and exercises-


Beauty and health

It has been warm in Japan recently.


It seems that spring has finally arrived!


Feeling and smelling the air of spring,


we see everything starts to be more alive.


Stretch your body,

relax your mind

and let go of the past.


Be ready for something new to come.

Take a moment.

Have you ever tried doing Yoga?

There are so many different types of Yoga

including the easy ones anyone can do by doing simple stretching and quick exercises.


The super model, Miranda Kerr, does Yoga every morning.

I would like to introduce her video,

「Miranda Kerr’s Ultimate Morning Yoga Regime」 (Net-a-Porter)



As everything starts moving on,

we move on, too.


Preparing for more happiness and fun times to come,

I’d like to recommend you to try Yoga almost as like a warming up for the new.



The music which gives me courage

I have not made the subtitles for this video yet so this is a breakaway broadcasting though…


On February 28th, Mr. Kimura Masaaki performed at the music live show,

“Musication, Oasis” conducted by a music cheering group,

“Jounetsu Gundan” (Passionate Group).

This event was held on the second floor of Bhutan museum in Fukui City.


Actually, he is a guitarist who is deaf.


He lost his hearing completely when he was a child, he did not lose his hearing as a guitarist. After losing his hearing, he self-educated himself music. He is such a courageous person.


When he was a junior high school student, Mr. Kimura saw the performance of the singer, Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi.

He was so impressed by his live show and it made him want to start playing music as well.


But how?


He explained that he feels music from his palms which hold the guitar neck,

I can never imagine how it is.
The effort which he has made for him to come this far, I cannot ever imagine.

My imagination to imagine how and what it has been like to be in his shoes can never become enough, this is very clear for me to imagine.


He is cool.


I could not see him playing live, so I saw it on the video later on and it gave me courage.


In addition, “Jonetsu Gundan” will be playing in an event will be held at the same venue on Sunday, March 20th.


Tasty Ramen of Fukui “Terunosuke”



Recently I often have heard their ramen is good
so I went to the ramen shop for the first time.
Stepping inside, it was dim kind of like a café or a bar,
I mean it was not like a ramen shop at all!
The staff member at the shop are all women, which is unusual as a ramen shop.
So it seems it is easy to go into the shop for women alone.
They also have a service that if you post their ramen’s photo on SNS sites or blog
they serve sherbet for free.
By the way, the ramen itself was very good.
The pork bone broth is a little thick and it goes well with the wavy thick noodles.
And when you ate about the half, a whole stewed egg appeared
and it made me feel like I gained something :)
Please drop in the shop and try their ramen when you happen to come to Fukui. (H.S)

“Kuroton Ramen” Pork bone broth with homemade roasted garlic oil
Garlic is used but tastes mild

”Akaton Ramen” Pork bone broth with red pepper oil
Red pepper is used but not that spicy


Ramen shop “Terunosuke”
Address : 2-10-22 Sugaya, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture (near Fukui University of Technology)
Open : 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 21:00    
Closed : Thursdays

Japanese Vending Machines


Random thoughts

In Japanese rest stops on highways, there are many different kinds of vending machines.


The most common vending machines sell hot or cold beverages.

My favorite ones are the coffee machines which make a hot cup of coffee in less than 30seconds!


There are more than 5,600,000 vending machines across Japan.

Most commonly, they sell drinks such as water, soda, juice, tea and coffee.


There are also machines that sell alcohol beverages, milk, apples, bananas, snow cones, uncooked rice, baked rice balls, bread, natto (fermented beans), spaghetti, ramen, noodles, eggs, fish bait, broth, hanko stamps, textbooks, cars, beetles, umbrellas, lucky charms, flowers, and everything else in between.


The latest one is a touch screen vending machine.

Here is a video which shows Japanese vending machines, "WAO✦RYU!TV ONLYinJAPAN #44"

If you see a vending machine, make sure you stop and see what's for sale.

You might be surprised!



“Oikemono”, Shinto Ritual(part 4), Before and After


These are the seven kinds of seeds for this Shinto ritual to be buried

which are acorns, chinquapins,“Tokoro-imo” (Dioscorea Tokoro, Japanese yam ) , chestnuts, ginkgo nuts, “Japanese nutmegs” and persimmons.

Besides these, they put two thinly cut flatted oval-shaped rice cakes called “Ushino Shita” (Ushi means cow and Shita means tongue). The rice cakes mean fertilizer.



These are the seeds (Oikemono) from a year ago which were dug out this year.

They are all black with soil around them.

As you see them in the picture, there are roots coming out from Tokoro imo.