Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Japanese girls always love kimono!!


Life in Fukui

It seems that kimono culture has remarkably declined year by year
but the spirit of Japan such as enjoying kimono is still alive.
Even if preparation before wearing is so hard,
Japanese girls always like kimono very much!
The other day, a friend of mine decided to wear furisode(long-sleeved kimono),
chose nice one(rental kimono!), dressed overall with hair set, makeup and
artificial nails in a beauty salon which has a photo studio.
Then, finally a professional photographer took pictures of her beautifully.
He did the photo shoot not only in the studio but also at Shibata Shrine on location.


Here is one of the photos taken on that day.
It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? (H.S)


Photography by Eito Mars

The UNESCO World Heritage sites -Koyasan-


Charms of Japan

On March 8th, 2016, I visited temples on Koyasan to take videos of a tree-planting ceremony.

Koyasan has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage sites on July 7th, 2004.

It is located in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan.
It is said that number of the tombs in Koyasan is the largest in the world,

there are about 400,000 of tombs.

Also the number of the annual visitors are largest in the world as well

which are about more than 2.6 million people.

It took about an hour from the bottom of the mountains to the top (Koyasan) by car.


I had terrible carsickness because the mountain path was very narrow and steep.

I strongly thought that getting to Koyasan can never be easy since a very long time ago.

I’m sure it was very hard for people in olden times to get to the top of mountains as well.


Of course it is very hard to get there because...

Koyasan is located on mountains (elevation of 1000meters)

which are higher than Sky Tree (634meters tall and the tallest TV tower in the world)!

As you may know, there is no mountains officially called “Koyasan”

even “San” means mountain in Japanese.

Koyasan is actually the name of mountains in Wakayama Prefecture to the south of Osaka.


It is a flatland which amid the 8 peaks of mountain

which make Koyasan looks like a lotus plant.

In generally speaking, Koyasan is as known as Koya 3 mountains

which are Tenjiku-San, Yoryu-San and Mani-San.

So when I say “Koyasan” and/or “the top of mountains” I mean the area

where there are many temples on mountains.


On the top of the mountains, there is “a normal town”

which has everything from a bank to a convenience store

likely almost I forgot the I was on the top mountains.

This was my first time to see a bank and a convenience store on such a high area.


Moreover, there are lots of temples, 117 of them!

There are also 52 places for monks and visitors to stay.

This is the town of temples.


Because Koyasan is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters and there are lots of temples,

so it is very soothing and refreshing just to be there.




"Go Further Ahead" performed by Hideto Matsuura

This is another breakaway broadcasting.

Because the guitar string was snapped, a singer song writer, Hideto Matsuura suddenly sang his own theme song, “Go Further Ahead” on the piano.


Matsuura had been critically ill and stayed in the hospital for half a year, recovered from it and returned to a normal life. All of his songs were made based on his experience. Even though I have never been critically ill or seriously injured, I sometimes can’t walk and/or even stand up. Every time I can’t walk or stand, I don't think that there is much difference between people with disabilities and ones without it. His song cheers up everyone whether one has disabilities or not.


Performed by a music group, “Prospute” on March 20th, 2016, at Bhutan Museum in Fukui City, in a music live event, “Musication, Oasis” which was held as a part of a commemorative event of International Day of Happiness.

※ "Prospute" is a music group supporting people with disabilities mainly in Nagoya. "Prospute" was established with selective musicians from the music cheering group “Jonetsu Gundan” (Passionate Group).


Cats in Fukui “At an animal hospital”



I sometimes take my cats to an animal hospital.
Although they are still young and have much energy,
occasionally they get sick.
So I think that I need to observe carefully their appetite, meow,
hair and excrement every day.
And if I feel that there is something different,
I try to take it to the animal hospital as soon as I can.

Reception at the animal hospital. The tile painting of dogs and cats will welcome you.


On the exam table, my female cat Miiko looks docile.
The vet said to me that I should try to lose her weight.


By the way, I saw information on a bulletin board in the animal hospital.
It said that dogs and cats in Fukui Prefecture were long-lived,
actually they live the longest in Japan. (in 2011)
I thought that many owners in Fukui are keeping pets properly and taking care of them.
I am proud of Fukui Prefecture for that. (H.S)

Japanese Grapefruit, Kawachi Bankan



A friend of mine gave me a big “Kawachi bankan”.

Kawachi bankan is a fruit called Citrus grandis or Citrus maxima which is very similar to grapefruits and oranges.


It is bigger than most of the oranges. It smells very nice.

It has a strong smell which is very similar to grapefruits,

so I enjoyed it as almost like an aroma display for 10days!!!


The taste is sweet.


They make these in a few prefectures such as Ainan town in Ehime Prefecture

and Amakusa City in Kumamoto Prefecture.