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Griffis museum at night


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A new daytime sight in Fukui city, “Griffis Museum”, Christmas illuminations were lit up there.
At night time, I always thought that it was dark so it was difficult to walk around this area. Now, it is bright with the illuminations so this place became one of the night sights in the city as well.
As I imagined how Griffis was active during the Meiji period in Fukui prefecture to give hope for the city and Japanese people’s bright future, I just gazed at the lightened up the museum.
The original is better than the photograph so please go and see it!!


Griffis Museum /Fukui Tourism Guide

Autumn leaves in Kyoyo Garden, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture


Places to visit

芝生の上の紅葉 I went to Nishiyama Park in Sabae City the other day. Actually, I wanted to see baby lesser pandas in Nishiyama Zoo but unfortunately they were not shown to the public due to rain. And so, I went further to Kyoyo Garden I haven’t gone before across Nishiyama bridge over Route 416. Then, unexpectedly I enjoyed the Japanese garden with the beautiful autumn leaves. I liked the tranquil atmosphere.all the better for the rain. I think it is a great place for viewing autumn leaves.


The oldest classical music in the world for the most beautiful wedding ceremony, Japanese traditional wedding ceremony.


Charms of Japan


My friends from Japan and Australia got married. It is an international marriage. 45 guests from Australia and 55 ones from Japan attended to their wedding ceremony, reception, and an after-party.


At their wedding ceremony, they chose to have the Japanese traditional one called “Shinzen Shiki". "Shinzen Shiki" is held in shrines and the bride and groom usually wear traditional Japanese dresses, "Kimono" for the bride and "Hakama" for the groom. Becasue the groom is a high-tech man, during ceremony he was reading the pronunciation for Japanese script for wedding vows of "Shinzen Shiki" on his smart phone. This wedding ceremony started at 10am, after that, we had a wedding reception, an after party and a party after a party. The last one went on all night long.


For “Shinzen Shiki”, a traditional Japanese court music which is called "Gagaku" is usually played. “Gagaku” is the oldest classical music in the world that doesn't have conducors and it has been played at imperial court over 1000 years. A name of common “Gagaku” music is called “Etenraku”.


Every time I hear “Etenraku”, I feel proud of Japanese culture and I also feel dignified, and I just listen.



Autumn Festival

I went to help the annual autumn festival in my town.
Men carry the portable shrine to visit each house
and women make a lot of rice balls from early morning.
If a baby was born, it visits the shrine with its mother to be a parishioner of it.
But people say that fewer children are being born here these days.
It used to be a lively festival with many children. (H.S)

The autumn season for art - At the pottery studio in Kanaz Forest of Creation -


Arts and crafts

I had an opportunity to talk to Mr. Aaron Lee Browne who is a potter and a teacher in Kanaz Forest of Creation, Awara city, Fukui prefecture.


This is a movie while he was making a pot on a pottery’s wheel using 5 kilograms of clay at the pottery studio. At this studio, they usually have 1 day workshops and pottery classes.


I know a bit about pottery and practice using potter’s wheel. I wish I could make a big one as smooth as Mr. Browne does.


Anyway, it is autumn now and I realized how nice it is to come to nothing and spend time in making a pot.


I will tell you more about this at another time.



potter Aaron Browne

Kanaz Forest of Creation