Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Convenient video shooting tools #2 - Hood for liquid crystal monitor -


Production notes

フードマン カムコーダーフード H400

When the weather is sunny, it’s almost impossible to see liquid crystal monitor. So I put a hood with velcro tape that can hold the monitor. I used Hoodman camcorder hood 3.5-4inch H400 to shoot for climbing Mt. Tateyama on Sep. 21st and 22nd. Putting the hood on CX900 makes some space between them but tightening the velcro tape makes it fit just right. This hood became useful for this shooting because it was impossible to walk and look into the finder at that same time on mountains.


“Chihayafuru” (Animated TV show associated with Fukui)

Last week, Awara City in Fukui Prefecture was heating up with the animation event.
Some popular voice actors appeared on a talk show.
The 2000 tickets were sold out within two minutes.
Awara City is kind of a holy city for the fans of the animation.
I heard that the voice actors spoke Fukui dialect in their lines
as with vibrato at each end of words.
Also they enjoyed Fukui’s famous local sake “Kokuryu” and the hot spring in Awara as well :) (H.S)

Oyster season!!!



Any months end with r like September, October, November and December are the best months for oyster!! It is October now, I had some good and fresh oysters.


Elevated provisional line


Life in Fukui

Echizen Railway has started commercial operation at elevated provisional line between Fukui and Fukui-guchi from September 27.
The viaduct in about 800 meters of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Fukui station part is assigned to the provisional line.
It's said that the other railway operators use the Shinkansen structure before opening is a rare case. (Y.Y)