Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Sake, Kokuryu




I visited Kokuryu Sake Zukuri No Sato in Kenjoujima in Fukui prefecture as a Gen staff.  As a Japanese person, I really like sake.  If I have never had Kokuryu 20years ago, I‘d never liked one.  There are many different kinds of sake.  Kokuryu has refreshing, pure, clear and mild taste that it has strong sake taste but it’s not too heavy at all.  It is actually lighter than many other sake, I think.  Since I have started enjoying drinking sake, almost every time I have drunk, I always have had Kokuryu. 

Because I feel very passionate about Kokuryu so I could not hide my excitement today.  As soon as we arrived there, I was amazed by their buildings standing with impressive dignity in the great nature.  I also felt respectful and thankful about the great manner of employees there.  From the great employees, every small thing in their buildings and its atmosphere, I experienced their greatness, seriousness and passion.  No wonder many people have enjoyed drinking Kokuryu for 211years.  I would like to know more about them.  On our way back to the office, we saw a convenience store that sell Kokuryu in their neighborhood which I never saw before.  Kokuryu is also supported and loved by their neighbors as well!!!



A Fukui's tradtional food, "Suko"



When I visited “Senko no ie” in Takeda district in Fukui prefecture a little while ago, a traditional Fukui food called “Suko” was served.  It is a preserved food which the stem of a taro called Akazuiki harvested from summer to autumn and pickled in vinegar.  This is a Fukui traditional food. This food that my grandmother used to cook it with the ingredient from her farm, the crisp texture, sweet and sour taste has been one of my favorite foods since I was a child. T.S


Autumn flower arrangement


Charms of Japan

I saw a flower arrangement contest for high school girls
in a building near Fukui Station.
Those works also look more like autumn seasonally.
I am happy to see traditional Japanese culture is passed on
to younger generations. (H.S)

Autumn sunset


Life in Fukui

Autumn sunset
I went to the Harmony Hall Fukui the other day.
This picture is autumn sunset after I left the concert hall.
I felt musical reverberation in this view. (Y.Y)

Yokokan Garden


Places to visit

Yokokan Garden is one of my favorite places and a must-see in Fukui city. This place was owned for centuries by the powerful Matusdaira clan.  According to the interesting and funny attendant there, this place used to be a mansion for Mtsudaira clan.  He also explained that this is much better than other big and famous gardens in Japan.  Because Yokokan is not as big as any other famous ones in Japan, we get to sit back and relax instead of being rushed by other visitors and their attendants.  So this is why I like Yokokan Garden.