Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Yasha-ga-ike pond and Yasha-diving beetle of late autumn

I climbed to Yasha-ga-ike pond on top of a mountain in Fukui Prefecture,
where I have always wanted to go.
It took two hours by the route via Hirono Dam on the Fukui Prefecture side.
Although the weather wasn’t that bad, it was chilly when I got to the pond
because it became cloudy and a mist was hanging.
It was a bit late for autumn leaves reflected on the pond
but I enjoyed the quiet and mysterious atmosphere thanks to the weather.
And, two men climbed up from Gifu Prefecture side taught me about famous
Yasha-diving beetle and salamander live in the pond, so I was able to find them!!
*Note : “Yasha” means demon.

Seven little babies

On my way home from a concert hall, the crows flew off cawing which sounded nostalgic.

When I looked up, they were going home, to thier mountains.

I thought of the Japanese scenery in a nursery song, “Nanatsunoko” (English name is Seven little babies) in a while.




Autumn has arrived, the vivid green, orange, red and yealow of autumn foliage have decorated the town beautifully. Meanwhile, a tram runs through the city and it makes the city seems even more alive and attractive.


Around the office, there are fragrant olives (Kinnmonkusei in Japanese) that have nice and sweet smell. Fragrant olives used to be plant for deodorization around the vault toilets that majority of Japanese people used to use ones in the era from the 1980s to the 1990s. Therefore, there must be many Japanese people who immediately think of toilets as they hear the word Kinmokusei (Frangrant olives).


Today, however, because of the growth of the water service circumference, there are not many of Kinmokusei flowers nor vault toilets. People use flowers for aroma oil and perfume because the smell has relaxation effect.


By smelling this, the chemical called “Orexin” produced in brain and it decrease appetite so it’s good for controlling weight as well.


In autumn, in Japan, we say that it is an eating season and we tend to put on weight. But maybe if we smell the flower, we can lose weight?? Moreover, we can enjoy the autumn view in the town which makes it “killing two birds with one stone”!!!



Autumn Rose

I grow several kinds of roses.
Roses bloom twice a year, in spring and autumn.
So now it’s the second blooming season.
After that, roses also face long winter. 
In winter, roses become dormant and it’s a good season
for pruning and replanting as they won’t be damaged. (H.S)

happiness for cats



Threre were kittens that were cheerful and interested in my camera and there were also kittens that were crying helplessly…


I visited an event of finding cats and dogs’ foster families which was held underneath the elevated Fukui JR railway tracks.


This has been run by a group called “Fukui dog and cat rescue, non profit organization” in which they have made patient effort to reduce the number of cats and dogs killed.


Today, there was also a charity flee market held there by their support people as well .


Fukui is showing that the city ranks at the highest level of well-being and I hope the same for our precious friends, animals as well.