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Life in Fukui

Fukui National Sports Festival will be held in 2018.
You also meet the mascot character "HAPPY-Ryu" with "RAPTO" at Fukui prefectural office reception desk. (Y.Y)

Harvest time 


Life in Fukui

Fukui Prefecture is the birthplace of Koshi Hikari ; one of popular Japanese rice brands.
Its rice harvest starts this weekend at once.
We would be able to eat delicious newly harvested rice soon. (H.S)

"70 years old is still like an errand boy! "


Life in Fukui

I saw a dancing circle’s practice of "Fukui Iki-iki Kai" which people over the age of 70 do various activities around Fukui Station.  They are dancing happily! And, I was surprised to hear that the dance teacher was 94 years old. A member of the circle said "If you are 70 years old, you're still like an errand boy. " I was convinced by his saying. Details are coming up later. 


View from Tram


Life in Fukui


There are trams running between Fukui city and Echizen city. And the view from the trams always make me stay in trance. It looks like one of the nostalgic scenes from movies.