Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Harvest and boars


Life in Fukui

I did rice harvesting last Saturday.
I am a part-time farmer as many other farmers in Japan
and I usually do only desk work so the farm working is hard physically.
These photos are the rice fields just before harvest.
The electric fence is for wild boars.
Recently, wild boars have moved northward due to global warming
and have increased here in Fukui, too.
So it has become difficult to do farming without such a fence.
The present situation where humans fight boars over crops is sad.
If we were allowed to use guns like some other countries,
we would enjoy a pot of wild boar and hold a harvest festival...(K.A)



Arts and crafts

I accompanied to the shooting of Ceramic artist Aaron Lee Browne and his works.
He made one vase in front of us. It was very beautiful shape.
He said the consistent theme is "ratio" in his work. (Y.Y)


Pomegranate tree

There is a pomegranate tree at the back of the building our office is in.
When I see pomegranates, I feel nostalgic.
Maybe it’s because I often used to eat them when I was a child. (H.S)

Griffis Memorial Hall 


Life in Fukui

Here are the photos of the Griffis Memorial Hall under construction. Finally, it unveiled, and I could see the whole building. William Elliot Griffis is a great person of the Meiji period whom Fukui City will make an effort to introduce him. He influenced young people of the time in Fukui, and it has been handed down to us. The effects may have been set the groundwork for present-day Fukui ; the happiest prefecture in Japan. Also, Fukui Prefecture is known that produced many famous companies and presidents during an era of Japan’s high-speed economic growth. So I think he was one of those who developed such human resources. I expect more information from Fukui City in the future. (K.A)

inside the tram


Life in Fukui

Whenever I am on the old tram, I feel very nostalgic. There still seems to be old times in Japan. Fukutetsu line has started since February 23rd, 1924 until today.