Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Mt.Tateyama in autumn



September 21-22, we went monutaineering to  Mt. Tateyama in the Northern Japanese Alps.

Mt. Tateyama is the nearest over-3000m-high peak from Fukui where we live in.

The weather was absolutely fine, and we could enjoy the superb views of the high mountains enough.


Cluster amaryllis

As equinoctial week approaches, the cluster amaryllises open up all of a sudden.
Some people may notice that the week will come soon when they see the red flowers.
Its bulb is poisonous so maybe that’s why it is called an unlucky flower.
I used to see them on the ridges between rice fields to repel moles,
but recently I don’t as much as before. (H.S)

Echitetsu line


Life in Fukui

There is a nice cafe in Echizen Tetsudo Katsuyama station, called "Echitetsu Cafe Ktsuyama Eki".  The cafe was opened on June 28th in 2014.  They kept the building from Taisho time to make this cafe and it was opened as Katsuyama Station has just become 100th years. About 20 kinds of drinks are served including coffee and other ones like orange juice and tea. To make good coffee, they use a siphon coffee extraction instrument at each time receiving order from customers.  They also serve cakes as well so we can enoy relaxing and laid back time there.


Oriental Greenfinch

I heard some birds chirping outside the window of our office, and took a video. They were eating tiny fruits on the roadside tree.

The birds are as small as sparrow. So it was too hard to stabilize my camera because I needed to magnify fully.