Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Drum Circle Fukui

Back in September 20, I went to see a performance of "Drum Circle Fukui" held at the Fukui prefectural Comprehensive Green Center in Maruoka town.


Then I was very impressed because it was not just a musical performance, but kind of a "field" where all the people including the audience created a primal rhythm together. And anyone who wanted to participate could do.


The full version video with an interview will be uploaded later.



“TOUKENRANBU” (Sword’s wild dance)


Random thoughts

“Touken Ranbu” is a current popular online game.
This game triggered a sword girls boom in Japan.
It also made many museums start to hold Samurai Swords Exhibitions.
And its lots are now on sale at a convenience store chain.
You can get its game goods like the ones in the photo depending on the lot prize :) (H.S)

Convenient video shooting tools #1 - Pickel Leash and Quickdraw -


Production notes



I used a small-sized video camera SONY CX900 at Mt. Tateyama.
Here are the tools I used with the camera at that time.
These are mont-bell’s “Two-way Pickel Leash”(the blue one) and
Black Diamond’s “Nitron Quickdraw”(the one with purple carabiners attached).
I learned about them from a book written by a Japanese photographer.
And I actually tried it and found that it worked very well for the video shooting
in the mountains. T.S




The other day, I accompanied to the shooting of soba at "Senkonoie".
Soba made from 100% buckwheat flour is known as "Juwari-soba".
Please try to eat once. It is very tasty. (Y.Y)

Marathon Monk, Ryojun Shionuma


Charms of Japan

In 1999, when he was 31 years old, he completed the 1000 Day Circumambulation and received the rank of Great Ajari(master in esoteric Buddhism). During the circumambulation, he had to go up and down the 48km mountain road with an elevation of 1,300m for 16 hours everyday, whether it rained, a typhoon hit or he had a fever, he had to do 1,000 times spending nine years. If he gives up, he should die so he always carried a knife and a rope with him for suicide. Also, he completed another dangerous circumambulation which was fast, no drink, no sleep and no lying for nine days. I’ve heard that he gave the scent of death on the third day. What was the enlightenment gained by his extreme situation? Here you can listen about that with English subtitles on YouTube’s TEDx channel(16’06’’).(H.S)