Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Folk dance strolling in Mikuni Town

Mikuni is a retro-flavored port town in Fukui Prefecture.
Mikuni Festival and Fireworks are well-known.
Also, “Obi no Machi-nagashi” held yesterday is getting popular.
It’s an event that hundreds of people go dancing through the old streets
along to a local folk song with shamisens and Japanese flutes.
Anyone can join if they apply in advance. (H.S)


There is the only salsa dance studio in Fukui city called Salsa Lab. Last weekend, I danced and played with a drum there. Conga drums are originally from Africa, but born in Cuba. Generic name of the drums are Tumbadora. When they arrived in America, they were mistakenly called Congas. Since then they are called Congas.


There will be an outdoor music festival, Park Life Festival at Maruoka Green Center in Fukui on Sep.20th.  The group called Drum Circle will be playing there.  I can't wait!!



The environment makes sake



At the windy evening before last, a meeting which the members enjoy local sake and dishes in Fukui was held. 

The sake brewery "Kitazen-shoten" in Imajo, an old post town in Fukui brought their products to serve.

And the chief brewer talked about his philosophy that the environment makes sake.


Pine cones


Production notes

The other day, I found also dinosaurs when I accompanied to the shooting of Fukui Prefectural Satoyama-Satoumi Research Institute.
These are made of pine cones. (Y.Y)


The candlelight more than 15,000 lit at the Ichijodani Asakura Clans Ruins in Fukui city.
ASAKURA YUMEMARU of Fukui city advertising leader was smiling in the fantastic scenery. (Y.Y)