Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Beer tram


Life in Fukui

I saw the extra tram "Bia-den" near Fukui station the other day.
This is the beer tram of Fukui Railway which is known as a moving beer hall.
It will be run until August 29. I'd like to take this tram once. (Y.Y)

Shooting in our office today


Production notes

Shooting at our office

Recording with iPad and UR44

Though we usually go out to shoot videos, we did it in our office today. 

The second photo above is our recording equipment, iPad (Cubasis installed as a DAW) and UR44 (audio interface). 

Another iPad in the second photo is for monitoring video while we record narrations.


Flower arrangement for summer


Charms of Japan

Hot humid weather has been continuing.
Here is a flower arrangement for summer.
This is a typical Japanese custom which creates a cool atmosphere by looking at.(H.S)

Public telephone


Random thoughts

The number of public telephone has been reduced by increase of the cellular phone.
I sometimes check the location of the public telephone for emergency. (Y.Y)

Sen no kaze ni natte ( I am a Thousand Winds)

An event called "Ohori no akari (lights in the moat) " which is for repose of the victims killed in air raids in WW2 was held on July 18th around the Fukui Castle ruins.
Here is the scenery from that event with the famous song "Sen no kaze ni natte (I am a Thousand Winds) " sung by a male choir "Golden Age Fukui" in the ceremony of candle lighting.


T. S