Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui






Production notes

The other day, I accompanied to the shooting of "Senkonoie".
It's the oldest thatched-roofed house in Fukui Prefecture built in the early Edo period.
There was "irori" in this house. Irori is a hearth made in the floor.
I saw it quite a long time. The fire was burned in irori.
It seems that because irori fire is also a role of the dehumidification and the preservation from decay. (Y.Y)

Old capital’s pride


Places to visit

I went to Nara to see an event.
At that time, I heard that the people think that Nara is higher rank than Kyoto.
And then I wondered if people of Fukui would think about the rank.
However, I am sure that they take pride equally in the good food, the good water,
down to earth people and as a nice place to live. (H.S)

A firefly viewing gathering held in Denga, Fukui city

As people go out to watch cherry blossoms in spring,  they go enjoy watching fireflies in early summer nights in Japan.
Last Saturday, a gathering of firefly viewing was held in Denga district, Fukui city.
The members learned about the ecology of fireflies until it got dark. And then they went out to a place beside a river to enjoy a fantastic sight created by a lot of fireflies flashing and flying around.
A longer video with subtitles will be uploaded later. Don't miss it.


We are enjoying good season of beautiful hydrangeas.
I watched the television the other day. It's said that the origin place of the hydrangea is Japan.
I didn't know it.
Much kind is improved and it's said that the one bred in Europe is called the Western hydrangea.
A beautiful hydrangea was also in nearby park.

Cycling Road


Life in Fukui

As I ride my bike here, I can feel a higher level of happiness in Fukui Prefecture.
The hills, the river, rice fields, wildflowers and singing birds cheerfully.
If you are lucky, you can see some horses.
I pass few people on the road on weekdays.
So I have a feeling of supreme luxury to get all the nature to myself.
This cycling road leads you to Eiheiji Temple, head temple of the Soto Zen sect.

Remark : Eiheiji Temple was given two stars by the Michelin Guide lately.