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Will coconut oil save people!?


Beauty and health

Coconut oil has been attracting attention recently. 
I also got and eat it by spreading on toast.
To those who do not know about coconut oil, here are the benefits.

●Increases good cholesterol
●Improves immunity
●Anti-aging effects
●Helps burn body fat
●Prevents diabetes
●Prevents dementia
●Perfect for skin-care and hair-care as well
●Has an effect on atopic dermatitis

Note) You need to get unrefined, natural and organic “Virgin Coconut Oil” ,
otherwise you don’t have enough effect.

Katakuri, the spring ephemeral in the city

Going to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, I found such pretty things by chance at my feet.

The flowers are called "Katakuri" in Japan, and I heard that they are also called "spring ephemeral" because they bloom during only a few weeks.

I 'm happy to find them in this central part of the Fukui city.


I watched Science ZERO of NHK program on television.
Someiyoshino cherry trees will bloom simultaneously when it comes to certain temperature.
It's said that the reason is because they have the same DNA.
In other words, it's said that the Someiyoshino cherry tree is the clone.

The Shoseien Garden


Kyoto and Nara

I went to Kyoto the other day. Although I didn’t have much time, I wanted to go view cherry blossoms there. So I decided to go to the Shoseien Garden as it was close to Kyoto station. The garden is an annex of Higashi Honganji Temple and a good unknown spot. There were not many tourists that day as well, so I was fully able to enjoy the cherry blossoms and the garden.

Here is a famous poem about cherry trees by Saigyo(1118-1190, a monk and poet)

I wish to die
under the blossoming trees
in the spring
around the day of full moon

Light up


Life in Fukui

In spring and autumn, a light-up event is held at Atago stairs in Fukui city.

People of volunteers set fire to the candles. And they light up the stone steps fantastically.

This event will be held until April 19.

Please come by all means once.