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Life in Fukui

"RETRAM" that I introduced the other day is the train made in Germany about 50 years ago.
This is the train made in Japan which is licensed of German technology.
A nickname is "FUKURAM".
This is a coined word that combines the FUKUI and TRAM.
It's said that "FUKURAM" was named that the city and the dream will become bigger.
There are an orange and a blue train, but the blue one is run newly from February this year.

Documentary films from Bhutan




"Yi khel gi kawa (Price of letter, 2004)" at left and "Yonten gi kawa (1999)" on the other hand.

They are Bhutanese documentary films created by the same director Ugyen Wangdi,

and show us that the real life of "land of happiness" is not easy.

However, I think this is why the happiness has special importance there.

By the way, we'll introduce these films in this site soon.

Don't miss them!

Cats in Fukui "Nap"



There is a place you can see some cats several minutes walk from our office.
It looks like a vacant store and the cats were sleeping in a house of cardboard
boxes when I went there.
One of them was taking a nap at the front door as above photo.
What was it dreaming about?



Life in Fukui

The other day, I saw an extra train.
I checked web pages. It was "RETRAM" of Fukui Railway for events.
From the spring of 2014, it was run only Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
It will be run also in this autumn.
I felt the usual landscape freshly.

An intersection without a green light


Life in Fukui

Such kind of traffic lights are increasing these days here in Fukui city.

If you're going to cross on a green light, you may hesitate to step on the gas pedal for a moment.

Just to tell you, the yellow arrow is the signal only for streetcars.