Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Grand Tea Ceremony in Mt. Asuwa, Fukui

We went to the Grand Tea Ceremony in Mt. Asuwa to take a video.
You can enjoy tea of each school among fresh green leaves in early summer weather.
Tea ceremony is a wonderful culture that Japan is proud of.
I wish to continue this traditon in the future as well.

Special stamp


Life in Fukui

I sometimes go to the post office to buy a special stamp.
The Nagano-Kanazawa route of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line began services on March 15 this year.
The other day, I bought its special stamp of the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
It was included in such a fashionable sheet.
There are three types of the special stamps which are national version, Hokuriku version and Shin-Etsu version.

Moss phlox


Places to visit

 I went to Hitsuji-yama Park in Chichibu city, Saitama Pref, about 1.5hours from the center of Tokyo Metropolitan city by train. Hitsuji stands for Sheep and Yama for mountain in Japanese. This park is famous not for number of sheeps but for beautiful different colors of moss phlox. When I visited, about 80% of flowers bloomed. And they will be in full bloom in a couple of days. You can enjoy these beatiful flowers by the 2nd week of May. If you have a chance and time, please visit not in the weekend but in the weekday. Why not in the weekend? Because you can only take photos of visitors.

JETS practicing


JETS and Grace JETS

The cheerleading team of Fukui Shogyo(commercial) high school, "JETS" is known for winning 3 years in a row in NDA National Championship (International team performance category).

Having the opportunity to see their practice today, I was very impressed by the crisp performance and seriousness of each member.

I'll put a full report later.

Daian-zenji Temple, Fukui


Production notes

Annually the new graduates joined our company receive training at the Daian-zenji Temple. This time, we also went there to take a video of the training for our site.

This temple is designated as a national important cultural asset and
also the 10th fudasho(temples where amulets are collected) of the Hokuriku region’s thirty-three holy places of Kannon. 
The iris festival there in June is well known too.