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Whisky and Sake 



NHK morning drama series “Massan” had ended so many people seem to be missing the drama. Indeed, I am myself one of them. Especially, I couldn’t stop crying at the last two episodes from beginning to end. Watching the drama, I was tempted to taste whisky even though it was in the early morning but I learned about blend and the flavor of peat as well.

By the way, speaking of Fukui, we should not forget about sake. There are a lot of sake

breweries in Fukui and we introduce “BORN” brewery in Sabae City on our site.

The “BORN” is their most popular brand and their sake are exported to many countries.

The other day, a sake tasting event was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris and

the president Mr. Kato offered their 6 brands and promoted sake there.    

Piece of sound


Production notes

The other day, we visited the percussion instrument professional manufacturer "KOROGISHA co. ltd." famous for marimbas and xylophones.
They make consistently the optimized sound plates from raw wood.
The president explained each process to us personally, and we toured the inside of the factory.
This is a sliced chip of wood at the time of processing sound plate for marimba.
I tried to hit it with a finger. It was a very good sound.

A little problem in our camera system


Production notes

CX900 + DR-70D

I'm using Sony CX900 video camera with DR-70D sound recorder which is attached on top of the camera. I love that system because it's compact and so easy to carry. However, there is a little problem with the connection between the camera and the recorder. The adapter doesn't work well and the recorder is not securely fixed. Should I need any support system, like rigs or cages?

Festival that tells the coming of spring

For over 300 years, the people of Katsuyama have celebrated the coming of spring with the Sagicho festival.
Wearing traditional women’s red kimono slip, children and adults dance atop the 12 yagura (scaffold towers) that are put up around town, festively performing to the beat of the taiko drum accompanied by shamisen, flute, and gong bells.
The close of Sagicho is celebrated with giant dondoyaki (bonfires), which serve as a prayer toward no fires in the coming year, as well as abundant harvests.
It is believed that a person who has warmed up by the fire and eaten rice cake toasted over it shall suffer no disease and become healthy.

Passing batons


Life in Fukui

Plum trees with pink or white blossoms are in bloom together at a park.
It is still cold today.
Cherry trees are bud now, but after two weeks it will be the season of cherry blossoms also in Fukui.