Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui




Tsutomu Mizukami Exhibition "What it is to live", which commemorated the 100th anniversary of his birth


I went to the Tsutomu Mizukami Exhibition, which is now being held in Fukui Prefectural Library. Tsutomu Mizukami is a Fukui-born novelist. (1919-2004)


There was a big panel of Mizukami's photo that shows him standing in a coat in the snow. He looked more stylish than ordinary actors. His books were displayed all over on a wall, which was overwhelming. Each book cover was tasteful. Among them, I was particularly impressed with one of "Gobancho Yugiriro", which is the title was lettered big in pale red on a white background simply.


Also, his handwritten manuscripts were exhibited. His handwriting looked soft and tender, which showed Mizukami's gentle personality. There were many red-pencil parts, of course, and I found how hard it was to finish final manuscripts.


I was touched by one sentence from an essay by him: "Looking back my childhood, I think of my poor parents who didn't talk any lessons. But now I realize that they left many better words than any other books to me."


The exhibition is admission-free, includes a precious film and sound of lectures, so you can see a compilation of Mizukami's work. It was a meaningful space and I wanted to stay there a whole day. (H.S)

Young female agriculture worker


Life in Fukui


A young woman is operating a large drone for spraying pesticides. She is in her second year at an agricultural corporation based in Fukui City. On that day, she took flying lessons at the drone school run by her corporation in Ono City.


Operating a drone doesn't need muscle strength. In Japan, as an unusual trend, there is a new word "Agriculture Girl", which means young women who engage in agriculture. But if new technologies including drone make a difference in physical strength meaningless, there may be no reasons to prevent the engagement in agriculture by women. I hope many women will engage in agriculture and change the traditional image of agriculture.

Recommendation of wood-fired dish restaurant in Fukui City "Boucherie KATAMACHI"



The "Boucherie KATAMACHI" is literally in Katamachi, Fukui City. Katamachi is a busiest restaurant and bar district of the city. They serve mainly wood-fired dishes and mature beef steaks etc. The restaurant is spacious and looks high-class. This time, I had lamb legs, which were very good. They also serve good side dishes and a variety of wine. Also, it has the relaxed atmosphere with woodtone, which makes me want to go again.


In Katamachi, many of the restaurants and bars close on Sundays, but the "Boucherie KATAMACHI" opens, so it is convenient to families as well. (Closed on Mondays) (H.S)






Rare butter "Calpis Butter" by Caplis Co., Ltd.



Calpis Special Butter 450g (salted)


I like butter. There is always butter in my refrigerator. The other day, finally I got the Calpis Butter as I had always wanted to. The rare Calpis Butter was produced from cream generated in the production process of Calpis Water (Japanese lactic acid bacilli beverage), but only a limited amount is produced.


I was excited to remove the wrapper, and the butter looked whiter than normal one. I managed to resist the urge to eat as it is. And I spread it on toast anyway. The butter was not sweet at all unlike the Calpis Water, was very rich one but sophisticated, which I sensed the good quality. So it is a good way to enjoy eating ordinary bread. I want to eat butter soy sauce rice, garlic fried rice and French toast etc. with the butter.


By the way, speaking of butter, many people might avoid it as it is high calorie and high fat. But it maybe wrong. For example, when you eat toast with butter, it is known to curb the rise in blood sugar levels than eating only toast itself. Also, butter is rich in Vitamin A and D, so anti-aging effects are expected. As with anything, overconsumption is not good for your health. So I would like to enjoy it in moderation. (H.S)

Sweet and sour pork with black vinegar sauce at a Chinese resutaurant "Fukui-Gen"



Although it feels much cooler than a few weeks ago, the temperature during the daytime often rises around 30 degrees Celsius. Obviously it's still summer. I feel like eating this sweet and sour pork with black vinegar sauce for lunch even when it's hot and I have no appetite.


Unlike ordinary sweet and sour pork, the ingredient is only pork. The restaurant seems to be run by a Chinese family. Honestly, I am not sure whether it is Sichuan or Beijing style. But anyway, I like the taste and always eat it from their dozen of set meal menus.


The restaurant is always busy and smoking is allowing at lunchtime as well, so sometimes smoke comes from tables close by. This is the only problem for me but I have to accept it, so I try to think that I had some bad luck on such a day and have a patience with it. But even thinking of it, I like the unpretentious atmosphere, the inexpensive and delicious dishes of the restaurant.