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Shine (Salsa solo dance) by Japanese salsa dancer, "Kaku" at Salsa Lab



Salsa lab was established in 1999 in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. Many great professional dancers from all over the world (including Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, New York City, Australia and many other places) have come to this studio and performed.


Kaku is one of the great dancers from Japan. Because she is ambitious and very professional, she often travels all the way to New York City just to dance. She is constantly developing her dance skills and expressiveness. Moreover, she is such a creative person that during her solo dance or lessons she can improvise dance movements. Many students participate in her lessons.


Between her lessons that day, she danced solo (salsa shine). Unlike what is known as the salsa dance in which you dance in pairs, "Shine" is a kind of salsa dance in which dancers use fancy footwork and body actions, and dance solo. She expresses the music by using her body, and by making many quick and sharp but beautiful steps.



Anyone can start dancing Salsa easily!


The origin of "Salsa Dance" begun in Cuba and it went to Puerto Rico. And then, it went to New York City and Los Angel in USA and became what is known as the salsa dance we know these days. Mainly, there are "NY (New York) style salsa" and "LA (Los Angels) style salsa".

Some of you many think dancing salsa is difficult. Actually, it is not. Salsa is easy and enjoyable for anyone regardless of age or gender.


You can wear t-shirts and pants to dance salsa. You simply move your feet to the beat of the music. If you don't feel comfortable, you do not have to dance in pairs. Most people start to enjoy dancing salsa after 3 dance lessons and/or attending salsa parties.


Salsa is beneficial for staying in shape. I know a woman who lost 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds) from regularly dancing salsa.


There is no such a thing as a wrong salsa dance. Play with the rhythm and express yourself. Feel the music and enjoy it. This is salsa dance.


Stay tuned for videos from Kaku's lessons!


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phone : +81-90-2090-9090
Website : http://www.geocities.co.jp/salsalab/english.html
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